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Levothyroxine question/feeling hypo

Hello, I've been on my new dosage of Levo for 2 months. It is at 50 mcg. My TSH when last tested was at a 1.75. The first month of 50 mcg, didn't feel any different than the 25 mcg, except a bit increased focus/energy. After a month, I started feeling very good- most notably better digestion/increased bowel movements and sleeping better which lead to even better energy. This unfortunately only lasted 2-3 weeks.

The third week, I believe I had a flare up where my neck got a bit inflamed on the left side, and was VERY fatigued for about a week. I felt very hypo with a bone chilling coldness, decreased basal temperature and terrible digestion and bloating. I also couldn't handle stress as well. Ever since this episode I have just felt not so great. Definetly better than the 25 mcg but not optimal by any means. Fatigue is still a problem as well as temperature regulation/weight loss. I haven't gained any weight since being on Levo, but am actively trying to lose the weight I gained from hypothyroidism and it is not working at all. I know how to eat well, exercise and track honestly- STILL nothing.

I am very frustrated on this med. Levo helped me feel "better" but either my optimal dosage has not been found or I am not converting it to t3. I go back to the endo March 14th (one month away) and don't know if I should try to get in sooner. He was reluctant to raise my medication last time due to my TSH being in good range at a 1.75. When I get my blood drawn March 1st he will be testing my free t4.

I guess my question is- is having a flare up and then medication not working as well normal? I don't know what to do- wait another month or try to go in sooner.
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Hello, my experience, yes it is normal to feel better than worse until you find you optimal dose. I went on NDT and experienced similar fluctuations...at an initial low dose I felt fantastic for 2 weeks, then never as good again until I reached close to my optimal dose. Generally I felt good with each raise then I would "drop off the cliff" until I raised again. I raised every 4 to 5 weeks. My TSH is also very low now but I understand that is typical.
Take care, kel
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