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Thyroid goiter

For the last couple years I’ve been diagnosed with a nontoxic multinodular goiter but I haven’t been able to even talk to a dr about surgery to remove nodules or even have a biopsy, and they’re all greater than one cm.  I was told that I was “drug-seeking” for levothyroxine meds in order to just lose weight, but all I really wanted was to get the help I needed to take care of my goiter and it was so big that it protruded out of my neck.  I got an ultrasound but the dr said thyroid was normal size, but that just can’t be because you or anyone else could see it on my neck just by looking at me.  Now it’s so big that I can barely swallow and I have a decreased pleasureable experience with eating related to meals.  I don’t know what to do, even was told that I don’t need a biopsy but the nodules were all growing and bigger than 1 cm.  I don’t understand how this can happen because I would think that the nodules would need to be removed.  I can’t stand the discomfort of not being able to swallow and I need help! What can I do to help convince the drs I need help and that I have legitimate reasons for surgery?  Is there anything else I can do to get the right care I need?  
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  We're sorry you are having this difficulty and appreciate your question.  As always, please work closely with your own physician for medical care and guidance.  Typically, medication is not used in a goiter and this may be why they would not go along with your assessment of need for it. It can lead to hyperthyroidism and other issues.  Wait and see is actually the most typical course of action.  Non toxic multinodular goiters are usually slow growing.  However, you now have what appears to be 'compression' symptoms.  As you do not have thyroid symptoms, that puts treatment in the area of surgery.  How extensive is based on each patients needs.  They are not suspecting malignancy and it has been slow growing, so it is a matter of controlling your symptoms if caused by the goiter. They could choose to do a lobectomy or total thyroidectomy.  That they are choosing not to do the surgery is something that you can choose to seek a second opinion.  Here is information regarding treatment of non toxic multinodular goiters http://endocrinediseases.org/thyroid/goiter_treatment.shtml.  

There are other reasons for dysphagia or difficulty swallowing. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/swallowing-problems#1.  Acid reflux is one thing to determine if you suffer and the symptoms are not always as you think they may be.  

This sounds very frustrating and I'm sorry you are left just trying to get help.  Always know that at some point, doctors will listen so keep asking.  Are you seeing an endocrinologist and this is who is still giving you a treatment plan of the goiter to just watch?
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Request a biopsy via their website/patient portal so that it is documented, then see if they move forward more aggressively.

There is a news host,  I think her name is Deborah Norville, who just had a biopsy of a thyroid mass she had for a long time. Google her story.
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I underwent two thyroid biopsies. Not all nodules require biopsy, they can tell by ultrasound if there are concerning questions about the nodule to help determine if a biopsy is necessary.
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I am curious whether a biopsy in and of itself can trigger malignancy in a benign mass.

I had a biopsy, benign,  of a breast mass w/associated microcalcifications, and though more, new, microcalcifications had formed 6mos later at the site, their attitude was once benign always benign (which I know is not true. )

If it were me, and apparently you, I would want biopsy and repeat biopsy if indicated.  

Does anyone have a report of the thyroid biopsy itself proving to be damaging/dangerous in any way?
No, not in my experiences. As far as repeat biopsies go of new micrcalcifications, that should be standard protocols.  Even if located in exact same area.
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