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Bilateral varicocele

iam 24 years old have bilateral varicocele
By dopler scan
grade 2 at left side  3.5 mm
grade 1 at right side 2.5 mm
i have pain but now iam free
can  i take venotonic drugs or any medical treatment
is is a must to do surgery
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hello doc. according to the ultrasond made by a doctor. it says i have a right varicocele. sometimes it hurts but what worries me is that lately i come too fast when i have sex. can you tell me if the varicocele is the responssible for that
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The definitive treatment of varicocele is surgery only and thus you should go ahead with consulting a urologist and going in for the surgery provided you’re suffering from some discomfort or pain due to the varicocele. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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