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What is the penile frenectomy with electrosurgery healing time?

Good day, I had a penile frenectomy with electrosurgery last week, and was wondering how much faster the healing time would be compared to having stitches. My doctor said it would be faster. But he didn't give me a timeline. When can I continue with normal sexual activity?
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I imagine not too many ppl are familiar with frenectomy, which is sort of a ‘snipping’ of tissue of the frenulum due to tightness there that makes erections painful. Unfortunately I have no personal experience with this myself & don’t know anyone who has. It’s not entirely rare, but the % of guys affected is fairly small. We may need advice from a medical professional to answer your question about healing time. However, in general after any type of surgical procedure, you can usually return to normal activity once the pain is gone, the area looks healed & there’s no evidence of infection or irritation, probably very cautiously at first & of course stop if you feel pain or discomfort. Maybe another reader out there who’s been thru this can share his experience with it & also hoping a Dr or other medical professional could weigh in. Good luck, hope you can return to normal very soon...
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You can continue having sex 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Electrosurgery means that most of the blood vessels will be cauterized, and the healing will be faster because there will be less trauma to the tissue. The healing time will be increased but don't expect anything miraculous , this just means that you will be able to walk and do your business in 24-48 hours after. For sex it is recommended to wait for at least 3 weeks so that the tissues has enough time to heal return it's passive immunity etc etc. And noting hard, or anal, that you can do 7-8 weeks after.Condom is a must to prevent infection of anyking ( not just an std one)
We appreciate the detailed & specific advice, sounds like you’re in the medical field...
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