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after rough sex blood in urine? blood clots/scabs? oh...the horror

30 yr old male here, ill try to keep this short. this has happen before after rough/vigorous sex and nontraditional sex positions with my gf. first time this happened 9/25/2013 during sex i felt this weird sensation in my pelvic area didn't think anything of it but that ended in ejaculation with blood, i then urinated blood and passed blood clots. this happen again last week on 10/17/2016 i felt the same weird sensation which i instantly knew what happened...should i say what was about to happen :( for the past week any type of erection would result in the same thing, urine in blood and small clots. although getting better 10/26/2016 it seems like im passing what looks like a scab of sorts now, no longer passing blood clot which (felt and resembled) a leech. want to add i dont feel any pain what so ever, just feels like a small rupture taking place before i urinate. the duration of the blood doesnt last long maybe after 2-3 urinating sessions the blood stops and urine turns back to normal color and no problems urinating nor blood for the rest of the day....if i can stop myself from having an erection of course....(currently having trouble getting an erection and staying erect, which is weird because i usually get rock hard with little to no effort)  i went to the ER but no definite diagnosis(wellt hey wrote it off as hematuria, no UTI/infection found from a urine sample or anything abnormal found in a ultrasound they gave me that checked my bladder and kidney. i took a picture(gross i know) but the staff that was helping me looked shocked and baffled(one guy even asked me how i wasnt crying). over the course of the past few days i have tried masturbating(i'm human) and i seem to be having mixed results...seems to be helping?: first was full blown urinating blood and blood clots with blood in semen , 2nd day was pink blood and small clots no blood in semen , 3rd day was light pink/normal color urine with what looked like a scab with blood in semen. i finally got a referral from my doc to go see a urologist(took forever and required by my insurance) just waiting for them to call me for an appointment ...........has anyone else encountered this problem? its been giving me a bit of depression with thoughts of this never going away and its hard because me and my gf are trying to have another baby(hence the wild sex lol)
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