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Sunday Weigh-In July 22, 2018

Good morning... It's a hot, sunshiny day in my world but I think it's going to rain later; that's the way it is, here.  We've been getting showers most days lately, which is a good thing for us...

There's not much going, so it's pretty quiet this past week.  We haven't even really done anything exciting to report... my husband had a doctor's appointment one day and one the way back I happened to spot a Habitat for Humanity Restore I'd never seen before, so we made an unscheduled stop there... I don't know about anyone else, but we like to ramble around in thrift and/or second hand and antique stores, etc... They always say "one person's junk is another's treasure".  I rarely buy anything, but it's fun to look anyway and once in a while, I run across a real gem... lol

Truth be known, I have enough stuff to open my own "treasure" store, which is something I'd love to do if I could afford it.  I go into so many of the stores and I just know there's something of interest/value but things are displayed so precariously I'm afraid to touch/move one thing to get to something else that I barely look at anything that's not right out in plain sight for fear I'll break something.  

Anyway, that's my excitement for the week... I did buy a few stone tiles for cheap that I plan to use to make a couple of plant tables from and I have some other possible uses for what's left.  I'm the last of the big spenders, as that stop cost me a whole $8.

So - back to the reason for this post... lol  I've done quite well, with both, eating and exercise, though I could certainly bump up the exercise more than I have been.  Weight-wise, I'm down another 1.3 lbs from last week, so I'm happy with that.  At one point during the week, my scale showed me being down well over 2 lbs, but it also showed up over a pound, at another point.  I do a lot of bouncing around before I finally "really" drop a pound... Now that I've seen a new "low" on the scale, I'll probably bounce between that low and my current before I end up somewhere in between next week... It's really odd how that works for me, but at least, it seems to be going in the right direction and as long as I can keep it that way, I'm good with it.

So that's my story... How about y'all?  Are you losing, staying the same?  Let us know how it's going for you...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Evidently staying the same, for me. We're back at the farm, where we have the rusty old scale, not at our little house where I have the digital scale that goes to tenths of a pound, so I can't be sure. But mostly my weight on the rusty scale here as far as I can read it, is the same as it was when we left the farm to go to zen camp. At the camp, we walked everywhere, but they did feed us three hearty meals a day, and we had some snacks that we kept in our room, so we certainly didn't eat sparingly. If the rusty scale is to be believed, I'm still at the point where I'm about 4 pounds less than I was at the beginning of the challenge. This is not bad, but I'd like to be 10 less.
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Ah, still hanging out at the farm, huh?  Is that going to be a permanent thing or just for the summer?  

At least you're holding steady... I think I'd have put on a few pounds at your zen camp, eating 3 squares/day, especially if they were all on the lines of the ham with pineapple that you had the first day, especially if I added dessert and snacks on top of it ...  :-)  It would seem that you're doing quite well being 4 pounds less, overall.

They say the last 5-10 lbs is the hardest to get rid of; a lot of people have to do something "drastic" to get off the plateau, but keep trying; you'll get there, especially if you give up the affair with the good Dr. Pepper...  lol
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The meditation had the unexpected benefit of making me less crave-y for the Doctor. I didn't think about it or focus on it, but it did calm way down. My guess is that being serene made me crave sugar less, and having the even meals that were well balanced also kept me from desiring a spike of carbs all at once.
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Guess i should join this party 2 days before the new weigh in thread goes up!!

I was down .4 lbs this last week.  I really dont expect to lose much more.  Would love to tone a few things up!  Any good ideas from either of you?  I need something that isnt going to have me jumping up and down or running a marathon!  I need a little less "bounce" these days!!

Went to the eye doctor on Thursday and i am happy to report i have cataracts!!  lol.  For some reason this has amused me.  He did say at some point when i have them removed(they are just starting) my farsightedness will greatly improve.  My whole family has had them so this was no surprise, just funny!  Am getting new lenses but keeping my frames.  They are tye dyed color so i refuse to give them up not to mention i just got them a year ago. I am looking forward to the new lenses as i spend more time in the "bifocal" area now!  Ahhh this getting older sure is tin plated.

Monday we meet with the oncologist, the permanent implant will need to be put in shortly also.  I thought that was already in but it is just the stretcher.  I still worry about her and i also admire her strength.  She has alot on her plate and yet she still faces the day.
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