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Sunday Weigh-In September 16, 2018

Good morning, everyone... it's kind of early yet, but it looks to be another sunny day here in - none other than the Sunshine State...  :-)  

It was mentioned in another thread that I always start off my message saying it's a bright, sunny day here... the poster asked if it's been dry here this summer and the answer is "no, it hasn't been dry this summer..."  We've actually had more rain this summer than we've had in the past few summers.  We'd been in drought conditions for some time (2-3 yrs in my area) and were really hurting for rain, but we've had nice rains this year.  There have been a few Sunday mornings during which it's been foggy, cloudy, etc and I'm pretty sure I've noted that, but it's just worked out that "most" Sunday mornings have been bright and sunny... what happens is that sometime during many/most days, we have some type of weather phenomenon move through - some days it's just a quick shower and other days it's a more extensive/severe T-storm that might bring high/damaging winds, power outages, and drop a couple inches (or more) of rain.  Those aren't unusual here in the summertime; sometimes we can get a band roll through that brings several in a week.  What we really like are the showers that pop up in the afternoon for 20-30 minutes and leave us with 1/2" or so of rain, then dissipate and we go on with the day... :-)  Since I'm only posting a weigh-in one day a week, that leaves 6 other days that probably aren't so bright and sunny... It's pretty rare, though that we don't see the sun for at least a portion of each day, even if it's a small portion.

All of that said, I know there are portions of the country whose weather isn't as pleasant as it is here in the Sunshine State right now.  My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with the hurricane and those who will deal with it as it moves along its path.  I have family in West Virginia and Virginia and they, too, have been dealing with rain for days... waiting for it to stop, knowing that the hurricane was going to have some impact.  I can certainly empathize with them.

Aside from watching news/progression of the hurricane, I finished up another pen this week.  It was one I started last week and messed up the finish on, so I had to redo it.  I did post a couple of photos, but they don't do it justice.  I'll have to try to get it in some better light because the wood is probably the prettiest I've used yet.

Weight-wise, I've done well, for a change... my scale says I'm down by 1.2 lbs this morning... woohoo. I wasn't expecting that, but I sure am pleased with it. I've been trying to watch what I eat and I've been going for a short walk around our property/driveway most evenings after it cools off a little bit.  My neighbor will be back from Oregon in a couple of weeks and we'll start walking on a daily basis, so I figured I should start getting ready for that since I haven't done any walking to speak of all summer - other than standard stuff, like getting groceries, doing yard work, etc... no actual "getting out and going for a walk" type walking... Anyway, once I start walking on a regular basis, my leg muscles are going to be sore for a while until the get back into shape, so I thought I should start working on it slowly but surely before we get into the mile+ walks or it will be too difficult... A 1.2 lbs loss tells me that walking just might be what I need, huh?  

So... that's my story - what about y'all?  How has your week been?  Let's hear it...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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We're having the first rainy day in weeks here. Took my husband to see a possibility for a house (to move from where we are) that has only one thing to recommend it, a killer view of green hills and snow-capped mountains. But today it was socked in and grey, with wind blowing rain in our faces, and NO view. The house looked miserable without its knockout backdrop. Surprise, husband looked grim, does not like the house, does not want to discuss it. (Why didn't I wait for clear weather? *Kicks self* On the other hand, it was a lot of money, maybe things are better this way.)

My weight is exactly the same as last week. I think the issue has been the stresses of trying to keep my unhappy middle-schooler going to school with an open mind. He is begging to be allowed to change schools.  :P  Has come out of school crying most days. As a result,  I've fed him treats and doubtless nibbled some of them, and now haven't even dropped a couple of tenths of a pound. Other than those little sweet bits I'm eating a rational diet. It's time to get a bit smarter.
My friend from Portland says y'all need rain there, so that's the silver lining behind one cloud... I'm sorry your husband didn't like the house you went to look at.  I guess it's better to find out before you buy and move in that when the weather isn't pretty, the view isn't pretty either, especially if that's all it has going for it (at least it would be for me)...

You've had a lot of stresses lately, which can easily account for not losing any weight (cortisol can do that).  Middle school must really be knocking your son's socks off.  I'm sorry to hear that.  Is there something wrong with "this" school or is it Middle School in general?   You can always make an adjustment in your diet to allow for some treats, then you can nibble on those and still drop some weight; the rule is that we shouldn't deprive ourselves...  Hopefully, this coming week will be better.
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Yes, we have had a long, long stretch of hot and dry, dangerous for the forests and sad for our yards. The western half of Oregon is rainy most of the year although "seasonal drought" in the summer is part of the normal cycle. It's just that this has been a very long season. (Not over yet, either. It will be sunny again tomorrow.) But as you say, it's probably best to see the house when it is raining, so as not to be misled about its many faults while dazzled by the view. It's truly a fixer-upper in all senses of the word.

Evidently my son's middle school has more problems than the other middle school in the area. I bumped into one of his old teachers, who gave me the lowdown. Fewer two-parent families, less family support for academics for the kids, a less cohesive academic community, all of which translate into the kids having attitude and demeanor problems. My son is picking that up and it just translates into general distress for him. Not sure what to do about it. If I go to the other middle school and try to find out if he would like it better, what am I to ask? ("Are the kids 'nice' here?") I can't imagine the principal at either school giving me an unvarnished comparison. And there is the issue that finger-wagging relatives (my sister and my sister-in-law) caution me about when I talk about thinking of moving my son to the other school -- that if I 'give in' to my son's distress (which apparently they don't characterize as genuine distress but instead are lumping into a category of the whining of a spoiled child who gets whatever he wants) then he will grow up without the ability to buck up and toughen up and cope when things don't go his way. That's unfortunately BS but they don't know it. He's closer to killing himself over this than to being some kind of a spoiled whiner.

My neighbor who lives in Portland has been wanting rain all summer.  She e-mails me, with excitement every time there's a drop of rain in the forecast, then with disappointment when it doesn't pan out... :-)  I think mostly that's because they're watering the lawn all the time and the water bill is sky high.  lol  Seriously - I know rain is needed.  

Fixer-uppers can be fun and something like that would be up my alley now that we're retired, but my house has to have a feeling of "bright and airy" even when it's dark and dreary outside because I'm very susceptible to SAD.  If I were looking for a new place to live, I'd definitely want to see it at its worst before I took the plunge.  If I bought something thinking I would have that view all the time, then found out the one thing I thought I could count on to sustain me really didn't exist during a dark day, my claustrophobia would set in in short order and I'd be in a world of hurt.  But that's just me.

As for the school situation, it sounds like you have something of a dilemma.  I guess you could try to talk to some parents of children from the other school.  Maybe try to find some kids that "used" to go to the same school your son goes to and see if they had similar issues as your son; if so, how things changed when they changed schools, etc.  

I'm a firm believer in not giving in to every whim of our kids, helping them grow up and learn to cope with life, blah, blah, blah, but when it comes to something that causes clear distress, they have to know they have our support, too.  You do have a couple of options with the school principals/personnel...

Although you can hardly go to the principal of the other school and ask if the kids there are "nice", you can go, explain what's happening with your son and ask if, and how, it would be different there if you transferred him.  In addition, maybe it would be helpful if you did talk to the principal (or the guidance counselor?) at your son's current school, explain what's happening, and see what suggestions they might have.  I worked in the school system, here and although I wasn't actually "in the schools" all the time, I could see that school personnel were very open to dealing with parents and helping resolve problems with children.   I'd hope they would be the same at your son's school.
Probably. But I'm a little unconfortable about just getting shunted aside ("That's the counselor's job, I have 900 middle schoolers to deal with"). The risk is looking like I think my precious little snowflake is just so unique that they should attend to this especially; if they think I'm like that, they will not listen to one thing I say.
You're right, there's always that risk, but you'll never know if you don't talk to them.  If you do talk to them and that's the way they treat you, the school has a problem.  Food for thought - the problem might be the principal if that's her/his attitude!!

Of course, you have to do what you think is right, but every one of us is unique and we all handle things differently; what comes easy for you might be a real struggle for me and visa versa.  Why do you think so many of the other kids have attitude, behavior/demeanor problems?  I'm sure not all of them come from broken homes, etc.  They probably find that following the crowd is the only way to survive that environment.  

It's early in the year and a lot of other things are different in Middle School, also, so maybe your son will adapt as he gets used to everything else.
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