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Do you have a funny weight loss story?

Do you have a funny or lighthearted story to share regarding your weight and/or weight loss journey?  
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one day i was complaining to my husband about my stomach getting saggy, my grandson who is just 5  told me to stand on my head then the belly would fall the other way and be covered by my hair, out of the mouths of babes
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Lol that is funny!! This is not weight loss but i have to share since you said Santa Clause! My Lil cousin was about 3 i think and there was this man in our church he had the glasses white beard kinda big belly well my sis was holding her and that man was standing next to us and she reached out and pulled on his beard and with her cute lil kid voice was like "santa clause"!! LOL oh it was so funny we were like Jessica NO!! Luckily the man was not offended with her being so small!!
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At the age of 3, my granddaughter watched me put on my makeup in the bathroom as we were getting ready for a day of shopping.  As I looked in the mirror, I felt three little pokes in my tummy and I turned to see the sparkle in her eyes that comes from the wonder and excitement that only a child can have.  Turning back to the mirror, there were three more gentle pokes in my tummy and this time I kept right on applying my make-up.  The next three pokes were accompanied with the words, "Ho - Ho - Ho" and I burst into laughter as I now understood her thoughts and her inquisitive nature.  

You see, she had never been around anyone who was obese and her only reference to someone of my stature was "Santa Claus".  

No, it didn't hurt my feelings ... and even then I didn't allow myself to even "think" of losing weight.  She was simply curious and watched in amazement as she saw my tummy "jiggle" after gently poking it.  It was done with the innocence of a child and without any negativity attached.

In fact, even after 10 years, it is a fond memory.  The weight is now a memory as well as a few years ago I learned to believe it was possible for "me" to change my future.  Learning that changed my life.  It is possible for you as well .. and being here and staying involved in this community and using your trackers is a constant reminder that "YOU can do this!"
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