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Sunday Weigh in October 8, 2023

Well, good evening... I've finally gotten a chance to get online.  It's been a good day, but busy.

Sorry, it was such a nice cool day, so I got started with outside work, following my morning walk and... well, just kept on working outside.  It was beautiful day.

Anyway, I finished up a wooden plant hanger I'd made, repotted about 12 plants, did some fall clean up, etc.   It was so nice to have a day to work outside that I didn't have to sweat horribly.  

So, I'm still doing PT for my hand.  I saw the hand doctor on Friday and she wants to to a steroid injection to help break up scar tissue.  I decided to wait with that until I was done with PT, but wondering if I should go ahead and have the injection so PT might help break up the scar tissue even more.  Decisions, decisions!!

Other than that, everything is good here.  My neighbor is back from OR for the winter and we're back to walking most days.  My weight is still fluctuating most days, but I'm down 3 lbs from last week.  We know I have issues with fluid retention, so we can figure that was part of the loss.   I'm hoping my walking will help my weight go down more evenly, but we'll see.  

So how was your week?  I hope you were able to meet your goal(s) and look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi Barb and Annie
I have been busy these past months. I started a new volunteer job at my church. I work in the office a few days a week. It's been so fun for me and has made a positive difference in my life.
My weight is going down. I've been eating plain oatmeal with milk, raisins and walnuts for breakfast.
It helped to lower my cholesterol significantly.
Annie I loved the way you described your son in his tie in front of the mirror. I'm glad he is doing well.
Barb that's amazing about all the replanting you have done despite your hand pain.
Even though I am losing weight my stomach is still huge. I'm not sure if it's because of the oatmeal with milk that I am bloated. I carry my weight in my chest and stomach. I've had to buy smaller bras, but my stomach isn't getting smaller. I've lost weight on my legs from using my mini cylce.
Hope you guys have a wonderful week!
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Congratulations on your new volunteer job.  I'm glad you like it so well and it's making a positive difference for you.  

Also congratulations on the weight going down.   Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts should be a really good breakfast, with the fiber and healthy fats in the nuts.   Do you "feel" bloated?  

It's not possible to "spot reduce", but you might try doing some certain exercises (yoga is good) to tighten/strengthen the muscles in your stomach - that might help flatten it out a little bit.

Have a good week.  
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3 lbs. is great! Even if some of it is water weight. I haven't had a chance to weigh today, was down a trifle yesterday though, and will weigh tomorrow. But by "trifle" I mean trifle, not in the pounds but more in ounces. lol

Last night our son went to the Homecoming dance. We didn't know he was thinking of it until the day before, when he surprised me with a request for something to wear. So husband, son and I went to the local Nordstrom Rack and bought him a dark suit, white shirt and tie. (He needed one anyway -- my mother's memorial service is coming up.) And at 8 pm, off he went. We're in walking distance of the school, so we just waved him goodbye, hiding our smiles.

He enjoyed the dance, too, though it didn't sound overly exciting (fine with me -- the first dance a teenager attends shouldn't be full of drama). When he came back, he started to tell us about the dance while he took off his jacket and stopped at the mirror in the hall and was untying his tie. It's so funny to see a teenager looking like some guy in a 1950's movie, talking casually about something else while in a white dress shirt and dress pants and stripping off his tie. My son has worn a suit before, but I could count those occasions on the fingers of one hand, and I've never seen him do the Cary Grant act in the mirror of unknotting a tie and pulling it off while talking about something else. Anyway, I think it was cheerful for him, and the whole thing had a lot of charm for us.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning and report back. :-)
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Well, being down ounces is better than being up by pounds.  Every little bit down is a step in the right direction.  

It's good that your son went to Homecoming and actually enjoyed it.   I think most parents would consider a teenage dance, less than exciting, but you're right - the first dance should not be full of drama.  

It sounds like he might have enjoyed seeing himself in a suit and tie?  Cute taking off the tie while telling you about the dance.   :-)
It was less than exciting compared to the school's other dances like the prom, where they pretty much have to kick students out to get them to leave. This one, students were leaving early in favor of going to get fish sandwiches at McDonalds. (There's fun in that, too, but it doesn't say much for the dance. lol)

I just weighed, and am one pound and a tenth lower than last Sunday. That's a bit more than I expected! I thought it would just be in the tenths. :-)
Proms are always more exciting than other types of dances, especially, if they have a good band, food, etc.  Oh yes, there's a ton of fun in having a bunch of people go to Mickey's (or another restaurant) to get something to eat.  Doesn't say a lot for the dance, but maybe the kids just wanted to spread the fun out, that night??   :-)

You did very well being down over a pound.  Nice surprise for you, huh?  :-)

Enjoy your week.

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