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Sunday Weigh In - August 28, 2022

Good afternoon, everyone... Please excuse the lateness of my post today.  

You may remember, some months ago, I mentioned that we'd be going on a cruise for our 55th wedding anniversary... Well, we did that this past week beginning last Saturday, August 20th and returning home yesterday on the 27th.  

We had a wonderful time and saw, and did, a lot of things.   Our cruise included ports of call at the cruise line's private island, St Thomas, USVI, San Juan, PR and Amber Cove, Dom Rep.  

Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to lose the weight I wanted to lose prior to the cruise, but fortunately, I didn't gain during the cruise, either, in spite of the constant availability of food and drinks - a buffet that's open nearly all the time, plus we had a drink package that allowed us drinks from any bar on the ship.  To counteract those things, they have a "walking deck" on which you can walk around the entire distance of the ship, plus a running/jogging track and a gym.   We went for a walk around the ship every day, plus most of the tours we took included plenty of walking for, both, sightseeing and shopping.  That allowed me to "work off" a lot of the calories I took in, though I did make a very concerted effort to keep my food/drink intake within certain limits.

So - the bad news was that I did not lose; the good news is that husband is already talking about taking another cruise early next year, so that gives me several months to keep trying!!  

Anyway, that's my story.  How was your week?  Did you meet your goal(s)?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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The cruise s0unds great! We moved back from the farm today, since school begins in 2 days, but not early enough in the day for me to weigh, so I'll do it tomorrow. I would guess I've gained some this last week, just based on looking in the mirror, and the fact that I had fish and chips tonight! The fish isn't bad, even fried, but those chips, oh dear.

Will weigh in the morning and write in. :-)
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As I suspected. I've got a 5-lb. range where I'd be satisfied if I was within it, and in the past few weeks actually attained it. But today I'm a pound up out of it. So, back to more activity and fewer French fries. :-)
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