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Sunday Weigh In March 22, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  There's not a lot going on here, so there isn't much to write about.  We're staying home as much as possible has been ordered by the State.  

Everything (or almost everything) has been cancelled now.  I was supposed to have an appointment tomorrow to have final testing and set the date for my first cataract surgery, but that's been cancelled now.  They will call me when they're able to reschedule.   I didn't realize that my cataracts were causing as much difficulty as they are and now that I know, I'm anxious to get them taken care of.  I'm disappointed that my surgery has to be postponed, but of course, I'd rather have it postponed than to get ill or to cause someone else to get ill.

Weight-wise, I've been fluctuating a lot this week.  One day, my scale indicated that I'd lost an entire pound since last weekend and another day, it showed that I'd gained 4 pounds, so I'm not sure if there's a problem with my scale or if my weight is really fluctuating that much.  I certainly haven't been eating enough to gain that much weight.  I'll weigh later in the day and see how it turns out.

My neighbor and I are still able to do our daily walks around the neighborhood... it's a small neighborhood and we don't see anyone else while we're out, except those that are driving on the streets so we don't come in contact with anyone.

I've gotten a lot of cleaning and sorting done since we've been staying home all the time - things that get put off when husband comes and says "I'm bored, let's go somewhere..."  Since we're stuck at home, cleaning is one thing that's a never ending project.  I've also been practicing my calligraphy.  I did have an appointment with my neurologist and he thinks that the medication I've been taking for my neuropathy is causing some of the trouble with my writing so I'm in the process of getting off that.  I'm not sure what we will use to control my neuropathic pain, but I'm sure we'll come up with something...

Anyway, that's my life under near isolation conditions.  In addition to cleaning, I can read, research online, color, write or do other things as my imagination presents ideas, so we're doing fine.  I'm sure most of you are in the same boat so we aren't unique.

We're going to venture out to the grocery store early this morning to see if we can get our weekly groceries.

~~Wishing everyone a safe, healthy week ahead~~
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Good Afternoon all hope everyone finds themselves well. With the gym here at work until further notice I have not way to weigh myself. However, it has been hard to keep up with healthy eating even produce is being sold out at stores lately. Plus we are trying to avoid trips to the stores. Tempting faith is not worth it as you have said here.

However, my husband and me get to tempt faith daily. We are still both working in office and warehouse. My husband has to supply Air conditioning companies with supplies which means handling numerous people. As for me I dont have a computer to work from home so still in office. Plus we have both been informed if shelter in place happens our jobs are essential so we will still be working. LIFE hasnt changed much for us.

Today though I did get a scare. My mom was admitted into the hospital for the first time ever. She had shortness of breath, a bad cough and yes fever. Before everyone gets alarmed my mom always has this around this time of year. While it is scary, we are trusting  it is not the virus. She has gotten tested waiting on the results. Has been dxs with phenomena and will be staying over night.

Just praying she gets better soon. I hate that I cant be with her, but right now no one is allowed to stay or visit the hospital.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom... praying that she does not have the virus or even pneumonia, which is said to go along with it.  Please keep us posted as to her condition.

As for you and your husband... I'm sorry you both have to work.  It's unfortunate your company won't/can't provide you with a laptop or other computer that you could use at home in order to be able to avoid going to the office.

We're all having a hard time finding the things we need in the grocery stores, so we simply have to do the best we can during this time.  I know I'm going to have to really work at my weight loss when this is all over again because sitting around the house doing nothing is not having a beneficial effect on, either my weight or my attitude...  :-)

Take care, stay safe and healthy and I'll be praying for your mom.
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Came up with the same weight today. I'll take the .6 down -- as always, it's better than if it were .6 up.

Husband and son went to the farm to stay for a few days (it is Spring break after all). I'm fine with it since I have bills to pay and taxes to do, and it will also give me a break about food. When they are here, I'm expected to produce three meals a day (sometimes husband cooks dinner, but not every night), but when it's me alone, meh. Maybe I have something at 11 am and something at 5 pm, and I'm good. Last night I had a cheese and tomato sandwich (and I'm not even talking about toasted, just plain old bread, mayo, cheese slices and tomato slices) and it tasted fine and was plenty of food. Haven't eaten one of those since I was living alone when in law school. :) As I pontificated on before, eating is a social activity. I don't know how long they will be gone (it's begun to rain), but if i lose weight this week you will know they weren't here. lol
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Oh, you're lucky... I love it when I get a chance to spend a few days on my own.  That' usually when I lose weight, as well because I don't eat as many meals either and I eat better because I eat things like fish, salads, etc whereas I don't eat fish when husband is home because he hates smell of it.  I also don't eat a lot of salads and stuff because what he's eating is usually more interesting (fattening as well... ).  

At any rate, enjoy your time and I hope it's productive.
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We did some grocery shopping yesterday, but I think we will soon begin to shop online at the places with delivery. We haven't gotten Covid-19 (that I know of), but doesn't it just seem like you're tempting fate after a while if you just keep going out? We hit three different stores yesterday to supply the house ... one nearly empty, one half full, one with a parking lot too full and we didn't even get out of the car. But even at the empty one, we were certainly less than 6 feet from the cashier. (The good news is that at that store, we were able to buy all the necessary Easter treats for our son. I was getting worried about that! He doesn't "believe" any more, but he still likes the hunt. I wouldn't have wanted to try to buy Easter treats online.)

We have spent a lot of time this past week outside; with school out earlier than anticipated our good luck was that the weather has been beautiful. (Spring break, due to begin now, is forecast to be rainy almost every day.) We've planted bulbs in the garden, mowed the grass at the farm, and taken walks with the dogs. There have been some sobering moments -- the city locked the big gates at the local park and stationed a policeman there (!), but mostly it's been peaceful. And as it turned out, the restriction at the park (dramatic as it seemed) was only for cars, to reduce the size of crowds. Walkers are still allowed, and the dog parks (three fenced off-leash areas) remain open. They instruct on the park website that there should be no more than 5 people inside each off-leash area at a time, but I'll bet that won't happen. They are big areas, with plenty of room for social distancing of a hundred people let alone five, and not everyone reads the website. One rarely sees the parks so full that there are more than ten people in each one, anyway.

My weight is down -- somewhere between a half pound and a pound, I think. Without school and work, every day is like another, so I forgot it was Sunday and ate breakfast before it occurred to me to weigh in. I'll recheck tomorrow morning, but the scale says .6 of a pound lower even with the breakfast. It's good because I've cooked at-home meals every day that it just seemed might be taking me the other direction. People say you get fat on restaurant food, but the consistency of having entree, side dish, salad and dessert every night, versus the more casual way we usually eat (sometimes we'd go out and sometimes eat at home, sometimes we skip a meal), has made me feel like we've been stuffing ourselves. We sure don't have that many courses when we eat out!  Anyway, I'm pleased I'm not plumping up.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying socially distanced. :) Have a good week!
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I agree that going out to the stores seems like tempting fate and I've ordered a few things from Amazon.  But I think we've managed to get enough food and supplies now so we shouldn't have to go out for a while.   We rarely go to more than one store for groceries and this morning was no different.

I do have to call my gastroenterologist to get a new script for my acid reflux med.  I'd hoped to be able to deal with that in April since I was supposed to have another colonoscopy to check on the area in which the polyp was removed back in October, but I'm sure that will have to be delayed now and I'll have to pray that the polyp didn't come back.  When I get the script refilled, I'm going to see about getting it delivered, but I'm not sure if the pharmacy delivers in my area.

One thing I haven't done is spend much time outside, which is very rare for me in spring.  It's very dry here and the back of my nose gets really scratchy.  We had a new furnace/air conditioner installed a week ago and my nose feels better if I stay inside away from the pollen.  Aside from my morning walks, I haven't been outside much, but I do need to get out and start my spring work.

Congratulations on the 0.6 lbs down.  I wish I could get on the scale and be sure that it really means what it says...  :-)

I hope you get "some" nice weather for spring break.  Enjoy your week.
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