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Sunday Weigh in March 31, 2024

Good morning and Happy Easter to those celebrate.  Happy Sunday to those who don't.  I hope everyone is doing well this morning.  It's been a busy week for me, but some weeks are like that.  

Husband left Thursday to go on a weekend cruise.  The last cruise he went on, he ended up being sick the whole time and had to spend it in his stateroom.  This time, he's been well and hopefully, he had a good time.  He just called me from the port and is now on his way home.

I thought I would have so much time to get things done while he was gone, but not so.  I think I mentioned that I'll be taking over the Treasurer's duties for the calligraphy guild until we can find a new treasurer.  I'm hoping that won't take too long.  Although I have a background in bookkeeping, I'm not big on that kind or record keeping!!  Aside from that, I'm the Vice President and Membership Officer, so if I become Treasurer, I'd have to give up my other duties.  I like them and don't want to give them up!!  Anyway, on Thursday, after husband left for his cruise, I had a meeting with the current treasurer to "learn the ropes".  So much for Day 1.

Friday morning, I had an appointment with my cardiologist to do an ultrasound on the arteries in my legs.  I've been having shortness of breath, and though I've been diagnosed with mild COPD (former smoker), they wanted to make sure blood flow is adequate.  In the afternoon on Friday, I had a appointment to do the pre-op exam for the Lithotripsy I'll be having this coming week for my kidney stone.   How naive was I to think that might be a quick "in/out" type thing!!  Of course, it could have been, but it wasn't.  My appointment was at 1:30 and knowing there would be paperwork, I arrived about 1:00.  Got the paperwork done in short order, then proceeded to wait, and wait, and wait... my appointment time (1:30) came and went; 2:00 came and went.  Finally, about 2:15, I got called back.  The nurse (same as front office person) did the blood pressure, EKG, blood work, etc, then left, saying the NP would be in "soon" for the exam!!  Sure she would!!  I was getting frustrated and didn't note the exact time she entered the room, but it was something after 3:00.  Those were the only 2 workers I saw in the whole place, so I guess that might explain the delays!!   Anyway, any thoughts of doing anything after the pre-op were shattered, since it's an hour drive to get home.  Granted husband wasn't here, but I did have other things to do.  

Yesterday, was an okay day.  Neighbor and I walked first thing in the morning, then I spent a few minutes removing blankets from a few plants outside.  Brought the blankets in to wash and along with them, a little chameleon - ugh - I hate getting those little guys in the house as they're nearly impossible to catch.   I did get him and tossed him outside, but it wasn't easy!!   Over the past couple of months, I've signed up for several calligraphy classes and haven't been able to take them when they're actually in progress.  Fortunately, my guild does hybrid classes in which we have them, both, in person and on Zoom and they're recorded for future use for those who can't be there on the day.  I spent the afternoon and part of the evening watching a couple of those videos.  I still have several to go, but hope I can get to them in the next couple of weeks.  Most are usually only available for 2 months after the class and time is running out on a couple of them.

Anyway... That's been my week - or, at least, the last few days.   The next few days will be relatively busy, as well.  I don't have much on the agenda for tomorrow, but Tuesday I have 2 appointments (one for a haircut and one for a treasury meeting).  Wed is a doctor's appointment.  My pcp cut my blood pressure medication in half, thinking it might be contributing to my shortness of breath - I don't think so, as I haven't noticed a difference, except that my blood pressure is all over the place, but mostly too high.    IDK if he'll put me back to the full dose of the same med or if he'll change meds.  Thursday is my Lithotripsy and since I'll come home with a stent in the ureter, I might be down for a few days after that... that will come in next week's post.  

So - I did remember to step on the scale this morning before I drank coffee or ate.  Ugh!!  The scale is showing me up 2.4 lbs from last week.  I did eat rice, with meat and gravy last night, so that wouldn't have been good.  In addition, I'm off all supplements until after my Lithotripsy, including Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc and I do believe they help maintain my weight.  I also take prebiotics and probiotics, which definitely have a bearing since they help keep things regular, which I'm not, now.  We'll see if I put on more and/or how long it takes to get rid of this once I can get back to my routine.  

In the midst of all this, I got a call the other day from a niece... my sister-in-law passed away.  She's been battling Parkinson's Disease for a few years now, so her passing wasn't unexpected, yet it was a shock when the call came.  She and my brother were married for 65 yrs and we pretty much expect him to give up and follow her shortly.   The funeral will be on Saturday and of course, I won't be able to go since my Lithotripsy will be on Thursday, which should have been my travel day.

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and Spring is finally reaching your area.  We're still getting cool/cold nights, but summer-like days...  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I don't know how I missed responding this week! I was doing taxes -- this year they dragged on and on like I was wading through glue. I got them done yesterday, then went straight into paying bills that had been hanging fire while I did the taxes.  I guess it's obvious how I lost track of not responding to our weekly weigh-in.

Barb, whenever my husband and son are going to be away, I imagine that I'll get all my tasks done, but instead usually I catch up on my sleep and do one load of laundry, and presto! they're back. I do envy you having chameleons outside, even if sometimes one gets in the house. We get marmorated stink bugs in the house, around here. And for heaven's sake, tell your club that you're not going to be the treasurer as of a certain date. It sounds like they've loaded you with everything!

My weight went down 1.5 pounds a week ago, but it's right back up where it began. I've been stress eating, I think. We had this sack of little candies, individually wrapped butter mints (each packet says "Thank you!") and I had been sneaking them throughout the trauma of doing taxes. I think sugar is the worst thing for me in terms of instantly gaining weight. I could eat an extra meal every day and not gain, but let me sneak a butter mint (or five or six) and I see it on the scale. I'm going to also talk to my doctor about getting my thyroid checked, but this week I have to say the problem is my eating Thank you mints through the stress of doing the taxes. Can't blame it on the thyroid, I don't think.

I'm writing this in the morning, and my son has a Calculus test today and I don't think he's up yet, so I need to go scoot him along. I hope everyone has a great week!

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Ooh, you can tell by looking that I didn't proofread. A lot of repetitive words and phrases. Working in a hurry! :-)
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