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Sunday Weigh in November 19, 2023

Good afternoon... Yep - time has gotten away from me again, today!!  It's been another busy week, though I keep thinking I'm going to have a quiet one "soon".  

I got my new schedule for PT on my hand - that will run until the end of December - the 26th, to be exact.  I've now been in PT since September and quite frankly, I think I've had enough.   I have to admit it's helped, but it seems like it's gotten about as good as it's going to get.  We'll see.

Neighbor and I missed about almost a week of walking due to obligations we both had and inclement weather.  We had days of rain - nothing that really did much good, just spitting enough that it wasn't decent to be out in.   The past couple of days, we've been able to walk with no real issues; in fact, this morning it was about as gorgeous a morning as you'd want to see.  Weather was cool (about 59), just a little breeze so it wasn't cold... nice!!  

Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving picnic with our woodworking club.  That's always fun.  We have it at a member's home.  He lives along a runway and has a hangar attached to his home (no airplane), so they open the hangar doors and it's just like being outside, with a roof over your head.  It's potluck lunch, so always plenty of good food.

So - the combination of walking and the potluck picnic didn't do as much damage to the weight as you might expect and I think most of that is fluid retention.  Anyway, I'm up 0.6 a pound, but expect that to be gone by tomorrow.   Of course, I'd like to be done a pound, but I'm okay with that for now.   I've been having some issues with my stomach and haven't figured out how I'm going to resolve those yet.  

It's been long enough for my thyroid hormone dosage to have fully kicked in, as well as the new medication for my neuropathy, so I'm expecting it to get a little easier to start losing some weight again.  Of course, that doesn't mean I don't have to work at it - just means I might see some "pay-off" for the work I do.

So that's my story.  How are y'all doing?  I hope you had a good week and were able to meet your goals.  I suppose you're are about ready for Thanksgiving.  I bought most of my groceries last week, so I think I'm ready.  Daughter and her family are coming for dinner, so it's going to be small and quiet.  I'm good with that.  I think she has to take her daughter to her ex-husband's in the afternoon, so we'll probably end the day fairly early.  I'm good with that, too.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  
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We've had a super-busy couple of days, and I have finally sat down to send this.
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Oops, hit the send button! It was 11:59, and I was trying to figure out what date the post would get, and in the excitement hit "submit."

It's been busy, including getting my son and me in today for my flu shot, and his flu *and* Covid shots. It's hard for us to reliably make and keep  appointments to get our shots sometimes. My son's arm is sore, but otherwise all is well. Also on the medical front, I'm helping my husband tonight (and for the past few days) with a preparation-for-colonoscopy diet. Tonight was the end of the clear liquid (food) part of it, and he had to drink a half gallon of an electrolite solution, along with taking some laxatives. He looked miserable every time I'd bring him with another cup to drink, but he got it down. Now he'll be up for a couple of hours (at least) as the stuff works its way through his system, poor guy. I had to do it recently and tried to give him a prep diet for the last few days that would taste good, meet the guidelines, and make this laxative part less difficult. I gave him 36 hours of cloudy liquids only, then 24 hours of a clear liquid diet before it was time to start the electrolytes. I made good stuff to eat or drink (jello, strained broth from scratch), but this part is no fun no matter how you slice it.

After that unusual drop of three pounds, this morning I weighed 1.4 pounds higher than last week. Three pounds in only a week was a lot for me, so it's unsurprising that it bounced a bit. Not sure what in my diet is making my weight bob up and down a little, but I've continued to be able to leave the sweets alone, always a good thing.

Last week, my sister fell over a tripwire stretched across a street in Mexico and broke her wrist, with one bone sliding behind another. She had to have surgery and a titanium plate put in. It sounds like she got good medical care, but she was planning to host Thanksgiving! We're rallying around, and will go early to help cook and set up. They had to delay their return to the U.S. until tomorrow to do the appropriate medical stuff before she could fly, so she's cutting the timing pretty fine.

This will be the best Thanksgiving ever for my husband, after several days eating such a strictly limited diet. I hope everyone has as good a time as I know he will!

I haven't been on here for a few days - I feel for your son with the flu "and" covid shots.  I hope he did well.  I had my flu shot back in Oct and covid almost 2 weeks ago.  My arm always swells up and gets sore, but didn't have any other side effects, other than a day of tiredness.  My doctor said I needed the RSV vaccine so we did those on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  That one knocked my socks off.  I've had a horrible headache, can't stay awake and still have a huge red spot on my arm.   That will be the first one I do next fall in order to get it over with.   I did cook Thanksgiving dinner for my daughter and her 2 kids, but felt so bad, I almost couldn't wait until they left so I could sleep.

I also feel for your husband and the colonoscopy.  I'm sure that's done by now and I hope it turned out well.  That's something else I have to think about.  I was supposed to have one in 2023 due to a polyp that returned after being removed, but I haven't done it.  It's going to have to wait until 2024, but I suppose I better call my gastro and get something set up.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your sister.  Falling over a tripwire is pretty rare.  I can't imagine how painful that break must have been.   it's good that the family was able to go early and help get Thanksgiving dinner ready for her.  I'm sure it all turned out yummy.  

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