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Sunday Weigh in December 3, 2023

Good  morning, everyone.  How are we doing this wonderful day?  It's kind of dark and gloomy here - hence, I'm trying to convince myself that's it's a great day!!  lol   We are getting glimpses of sunshine, so maybe it will end up being a beautiful day after all...

It's been a busy week, but aren't they all, these days?  About the time I think it's going to calm down, new things crop up and it gets even busier.   One piece of good news, is that they did progress tests on my left hand at PT on Thursday.  My grip strength is almost as good as my right hand and I can bend my fingers normally now.  The pain is pretty much gone from the incision site, unless I really hit on something... PT has apparently, been good for me and I'm being released with a home program after my appointment on Tuesday.  Although PT has only been 2 days/week for 1 hour each time, it's still something I've had to factor into my schedule and will now be able to remove.  WooHoo!!  

This week, especially, the past few days, I've been busy getting ready for a calligraphy Study Group that I'm hosting on the 6th, which is this coming Wed.  Not a lot of time left, but I'm almost ready (I think).  I still have a few things to get done, but most of them are food related or last minute cleaning.  

I'm still trying to walk as many days/week with my neighbor.  We're doing approximately a mile/day - some days more and some days, my appetite seems to be less than...  In spite of the exercise and eating less, I'm staying, pretty much, at the same weight.  This morning, when I stepped on the scale, I was exactly 0.1 lb less than last week, so I guess we can call it the same, though about mid week, I was down a pound... must be fluid fluctuation doing that.  

I've started wearing my compression stockings again on a regular basis, in hopes of getting/keeping the swelling down in my feet/legs.  They do help, but tend to get uncomfortable after a few hours.  I'm looking for some lightweight (not made of nylon), that will work.  Most are a bit too heavy weight... I'll find the perfect pair eventually, but they are expensive, so I'll need to wear out some of the ones I have now, before buying different ones.  I've also been dispensed compression gloves (minus finger tips) for my hands to help with the swelling/pain caused by arthritis.  They aren't the most comfortable, but they do help!!  

So, that's my story.  I hope you've had a good week and were able to meet your goals.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm up .2 of a pound today, nothing that can't be explained by having gone to a neighborhood potluck last night and eating a lot. :-) There were 40 people present --  clearly we're all eager to get together after not doing any such thing since Covid began. Along with sensible foods like salad, I also indulged in potatoes, a brownie and some mints. I think I didn't do a lot of damage, except getting my taste buds prompted to eat sweets.

We're getting rain here, we aren't forecast to see sunshine for a week, and the rivers are going to flood. Our cat hates it, he keeps fussing to go out, stepping out, then coming back in and complaining to me. I tell him it is not in my power to stop the water from coming down, but he doesn't believe it. The mountains will be thick with snow by this time nest week. They never lose their white tops, but they do lose enough snow to look kind of rocky in the summer.

I did some housework and bill paying, have more to do but the urgent stuff is handled. Now the task is getting Christmas decorations up. If I didn't have a teenager, I think I'd never bother with a tree again. That sounds grumpy, but it's really that I'm beginning to find it tedious to putting things up and then take them down. I've got too many real chores, like painting the kitchen cabinets, waiting.

Anyway, the neighborhood potluck was fun, there was a jazz trio that a neighbor plays on, and it was great music. I like that we did do something social, it's been missing.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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*next, not "nest"
*to be putting things up, not "to putting things up"
goodness, my typos!
Well, I can't think 0.2 lbs is a lot to worry about.  I'm guessing you've already dropped that and maybe some more.  It sounds like the neighborhood potluck had plenty of good food!!  

I'm sorry to hear about the rain.  I hope it's let up by now and the rivers didn't flood, or if they did, there wasn't a lot of damage.  We haven't had any rain here - unless you call 12 drops "rain" - but we're hoping for some tomorrow, since it's really dry.   I know you're used to it, but I thought the snow at the top of the mountains was beautiful when we in OR (actually, close to your neighborhood, I think) some years ago.  Of course, being from South Dakota/Iowa, I know that once the snow sets in, winter gets old in hurry!!  

I hope you got your Christmas decorations done.  I get you mean about the tree.  I didn't do one for a couple of years since my kids are grown and there were no grands around, but I missed it.  I tried "versions" of a Christmas tree - on year, I decorated my ponytail palm, another year, I strategically placed poinsettias in the shape of a tree and put lights on them, another year, I did the same with date palms.  Then I ran across an almost new pre-lit tree - about 7' tall for about $15 and couldn't pass it up.   It's up and decorated as I write.  Husband also made an outside "tree" from strands of lights.  The bottom mounts about 6' in the air and the top is about 20', so it can be seen for quite a ways - well, it can in some spots and could in others, if not for trees, buildings, etc.  lol.

I'm with you when it comes to the tedious task of getting all the decorations out and putting them away - that's what makes me wonder if it's worth decorating.   The kitchen cabinets will be there after the holidays, still waiting to be painted and you'll be glad you did the whole Christmas routine, even though it's a pain.  lol
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