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Sunday Weigh in September 17, 2023

Hello and Happy Sunday!!  Sorry I'm so late posting this morning, but I got tied up with a shop project first thing and had to get it done before it got too hot to work since I don't have air conditioning in my shop.  Anyway, it's been a busy day and I've just had time to slow down.

It's been a pretty hectic week for me - stuff going on every day, but hopefully, that's going to be slowing down a bit this week.  Our calligraphy guild is starting our new season (first meeting tomorrow) and we have a brand new art center in which to hold our meetings now.  Yay!!  

In addition to that, I have several shop projects to work on between now and Christmas

Last week was the first class of the acrylic painting class I signed up for.  It was loads of fun.  We got our pattern drawn onto our canvas and learned how to mix paint.   The class will go for 3 hrs at a time - each Tuesday for 4 Tuesdays - 3 left.  It seems like the time goes so fast, but then, as they say "time flies when you're having fun".  On Wednesday, we had a "technical meeting", since we're in a new location so we could make sure we got all of our equipment hooked up and working properly for meetings and classes since we do "hybrid" (both in person and via Zoom).  I'm one of the tech hosts so we made sure everyone knows what's what.  

I watch the neighbor's house during the summer when they aren't here and a couple of weeks ago, I discovered their refrigerator wasn't working.  I had to enlist husband's help with that, since he's the repair person.  We replaced one part and that didn't fix it, so we replaced another part and thankfully, it's working great!!  

With all the running around, working in the shop, etc, you'd think I might be losing some weight, but nope!!   I'm bouncing around, depending on fluid retention, but basically, I'm staying the same.  That's better than gaining, but I'd sure like to see some actual weight drop off instead of just bouncing around on the scale.   I might need to start tracking my calories again.  I'm pretty sure I'm not eating that many calories - I'm also pretty sure that my metabolism is the culprit and I have no idea how to "fix" it.  

So - how was your week?  I hope you were able to meet your goal(s) and look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I also seem to be staying the same weight, neither gaining nor losing. You'd think the Pilates might burn off a few calories, but if so, maybe some muscle has come, because I'm not seeing it on the scale). :-) I don't feel like I've been eating more, but I could have been turning more of a blind eye due to feeling virtuous about exercising.

My son needed to log some volunteer hours for one of his clubs at school, so he and I went and weeded trails at a favorite local park on their public work day. It was peaceful, a pretty day and right on the Willamette River, but wow, were we ever tired after we were done. It wasn't so much the digging, raking and hoeing as it was carrying the tarp full of weeds, dirt and stones to the composting dumpster. We got smart by the third load and began to empty the tarp more often, but when we would get into wet areas, the dirt and roots were so much heavier that it was hard to judge the weight. The last load was like carrying a dead body in the tarp. We ate cookies when we got home, and then crashed. Despite that, it was a nice day and we both liked it. They told us to come back any time. :-)

My sisters and I have been preparing things to be said at our mom's memorial service. Luckily for us, she was a writer, and later in life took memoir-writing classes for fun. Sometimes she would write an essay on a specific theme (how she was affected by the women in her life, her religious beliefs, and so on). That makes it a lot easier than if we all had to write about her ourselves, and more appropriate too. We will just read some of the best of what Mom wrote. (My cousin spoke at his mom's funeral, and though he did OK, he talked a lot about himself too. Reading Mom's own words avoids that risk.)

This upcoming week we have an orthodontist appointment, Pilates x 4, an appointment for the cats (overdue shots) and one at City Hall to update passports, the car needs an oil change and I have two volunteer gigs at our son's old grade school. It will be lucky if none of these things have accidentally gotten booked one on top of the other already, so I've got to get everything written out and double-check it.

Have a great week!

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The weed pulling event should have been good for a couple of pounds!!  

I think you're right about using your mom's own words for her memorial service.   My nephew spoke at his mother's memorial service and it was mostly about him and his sorrow.  Don't get me wrong, we all felt sorrow and certainly feel it when our mother passes, but the memorial service should be about the deceased, their life, etc.   Anyway, I hope you've got that all worked out.

Congrats for staying with the Pilates.  

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