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alli diet pills

i've been using this alli diet pills since july and i've lost 10+ lbs. i'm really bad when it comes to dieting. i dont eat right and dont excerise because i'm either bored or too tired.
i went to the docs and they weighed me at 151lbs in june. and in late aug i bought a scale and it said i was 141lb. woohoo! it's now oct i losted 3 1/2 inches total. i dont know how much i weigh now cause i returned the scale. :-( but to the people who are lazy like me ;-) this pill works.
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On the Alli plan, you HAVE to watch the amount of fat in your diet or yes, you will have diarrhea and yellowish oily discharge/stools.  That's because Alli works to block the amount of fat that's absorbed.  

I tried it and yes, I lost some weight, but it was all about watching the fat, so I decided that I could do that without the Alli, byt using a sensible diet and moderate exercise.  

No matter what you take - you need to exercise or you will lose muscle mass instead of fat.  And I can't stress enough that YES, you have to watch your diet or the treatment effects can be horrible.............
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So, those pills actually work?... even if you don't follow a diet or exercise?
I was considering trying alli but, I read that many people experience severe
problems with diarrhea. Did you have a problem with that?
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