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Fibroid came out on it's own, should I be concerned?

I've honestly never heard of this.  I had issues that I brought up to my doctor in April, and an Ultrasound in May came up with Ovarian Cyst and two fibroids.  I've been waiting to be seen by Gyno since then, but their schedule is backed up.

Had a major bleeding episode several days ago.  Today, one of the fibroids came out when I was in the bathroom at work.  I was a bit shocked.  The only things I have felt since then were Nausea and I am a bit sore.

Is this normal?
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Are you sure that what came out was one of the fibroids? It might have been a uterine cast.
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I did an image search to be sure, since I had never heard of a uterine cast.  It definitely wasn't that.

We knew about the fibroids from an ultrasound.  One was in my cervix and was causing all kinds of cramping, back pain and period issues, since April.  

When it came out it was a solid, hard, but rubbery substance about the size of a peach pit.  When I do an image search on fibroid, it matched some of the images.  
Did your doctor's office have you take it to the lab? That would have been another way to tell.

Anyway, if it was your fibroid, that's great. Usually they are too embedded to come out by themselves, though I have heard of someone who had a nasal tumor come out by itself.
When you see your ob/gyn, the ultrasound they give you will also confirm what happened.

The medical material I've read on a fibroid coming out by itself is usually when the doctor has done a procedure called an embolism, tying off the blood vessels that provide the fibroid its blood supply. These are often done so the woman doesn't have to go through a hysterectomy just because of fibroids.

A few articles in the medical literature do write about a fibroid coming out by itself without a doctor doing an embolism. (My guess is that there aren't more reports because the woman just went on with her life after it happened.) The articles speculate that in those cases, the fibroid grew big enough to compress the blood vessels and cut off its own blood supply, naturally embolizing itself.  Given that what came out is the fibroid, it sounds like that must be what happened.

The main things to watch for after a fibroid leaves the body are bleeding or an infection. You don't mention bleeding or anything like a fever or smelly discharge, suggesting it happened pretty cleanly. Call your doctor or the ob/gyn and let them know you passed a mass and are pretty sure it was your fibroid, and they might give you preference on their backed-up list of patients. They might suggest antibiotics, but if you're doing OK you probably don't need them.

You really do sound like one of the lucky ones whose fibroid parted company with them no fuss, no muss. A lot of women would gladly trade places with you. :-)
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