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Foul odor around clitoris and white discharge?

I'm a 13 year old girl and everytime I touch the area and around it (clitoris) my hand comes out smelling like fish. I'm not sure if that's my natural smell or if I might have an infection like BV or an infection from fingering and masturbating. I am also a virgin. I sometimes have discharge that is white and gooey, but often has no smell.
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Hi there.  A foul odor is usually indicative of an infection.  You need to be evaluated by a doctor.  Lots of people masturbate, that doesn't cause BV unless you are using things that introduce bacteria.  But really, you don't need to mention masturbating to your mom when you tell her you need to go to the doctor.  Just tell her it doesn't seem right and has a smell and you want to be checked out.  Women get BV all the time and it doesn't have to be associated with anything sexual.  Wet panties or damp with sweat panties where there is no air is enough to cause conditions in which bacteria can grow.  Don't douch!  That makes matters worse..  good luck
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