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Help Interpreting U/S report w multiple masses/cysts.

I am not sure what I'm dealing with here and I just want to know how bad this looks?

CLINICAL INDICATION: Menorrhagia and anemia. Last menstrual period
is uncertain, approximately 10/15/2014.

COMPARISON: Report from US of 1/31/2008.

TECHNIQUE: Transabdominal and endovaginal sonography was performed

The uterus measures 9.7 cm in length, 5.4 cm AP and 6.6 cm
transverse. The myometrium is mildly heterogeneous but no focal
lesions are seen

The endometrium contains internal fluid and debris, and is distended
to 20 mm. The endometrial lining is overall lobular, and polypoid or
mass lesion cannot be excluded.

The right ovary measures 5.7 cm x 6.9 cm x 5.5 cm on endovaginal
images. The right ovary is diffusely heterogeneous with multiple
small cystic regions and heterogeneous soft tissue. Infiltrating mass
lesion or lesions cannot be excluded. An arterial waveform is
demonstrated within the right ovary.

The left ovary measures 9.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 6.6 cm on endovaginal
images. The left ovary is also diffusely heterogeneous with at least
2 larger complex cystic components (each probably 5 cm in diameter)
with an intervening thick internal septation and additional
surrounding soft tissue. An arterial waveform is demonstrated in the
left ovary.

There is no free fluid.

Fluid and debris in the endometrium with a lobular appearing
endometrium, cannot exclude polypoid or mass lesion such as
endometrial carcinoma. Bilateral complex ovarian cystic masses,
larger than on the prior examination in 2008. While these may
represent gradually enlarging bilateral complex cystadenomas,
cystadenocarcinoma of the ovaries cannot be excluded. GYN/ GYN
Oncology referral is recommended.

I'm seeing a GYN, but she isn't helping me much and wants me to go in for a scope and D&C soon.
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It sounds like it could possibly be fibroids on the uterus or Adenomyosis as it says mildly Heterogeneous. The cyst also could be Endometriosis or PCOS but they have not mentioned blood filled just complex cystic components.

What did your doctor say?
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She said the report was confusing and I'm being sent to a GYN/ONC. I am also being scheduled for surgery.
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