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Intense leg pain, bump, weakness, cold

Hey, I am 20 F.

- I have been having intense leg pain in my upper left thigh that extends down to my lower leg, mainly the underside of my lower leg, for almost 2 weeks now.

- There is also a small lump (?) of some sort inside the skin of my upper thigh on the same leg. It does not protrude or anything, but I can feel it very well when I slide my finger across it. The spot it is located at is also slightly discolored-- brown. It is very small, probably the size of a small pea. This is where the pain begins.

- With the pain and this lump(?), my leg also has a mini vibration feeling and gets cold easily. It is also slightly weaker than my right leg.

I do not feel excruciating pain when I walk or walk up the stairs or anything like that. It is just a persistent pain that is incredibly annoying and starting to worry me. I have been sedentary for much of Covid.... so have not exercised in any way. It is not the pain of pulling a muscle. I plan to call my doctor in the morning but was wondering if anyone here had any idea or input.

Thanks yall.
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One possibility is that you might have a blood clot in your leg. Please consider going to the ER. If any parts of it break loose, that is serious. Tell them you suspect deep vein thrombosis might be a possibility and they will see you quickly.
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How did it go with the doctor today?
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