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Itching that won't go away weeks after having my 1st yeast infection, ever ?

A few weeks ago, I had what I realized was, my first yeast infection. It finally cleared up after about a week..swelling gone, soreness mostly gone, itching 99% gone..for about a day and a half. Then the itching continued. It's nowhere near as bad as during the infection, but it's extremely uncomfortable and it's driving me insane. It's really only happening in a few spots..around  the opening of my vagina; a spot on the lower, inner part of one labia and my clitoral area. The itching isn't constant, but close. I'm constantly shifting while sitting and it gets so intense at times, that I need to visit the restroom to get some relief. I'm red and raw and have actually made myself bleed. I have no odor and no discharge at all and don't seem to be having any issues with staying lubricated. I've tried different cleansers, creams, etc. I have had some temporary relief after using some of these things, but only for a very short period of time before the itching comes back. I've actually done some searching and have seen other women with the same issue- residual itching after a yeast infection. Some of these woman had been dealing with it for many months and had been to the Dr. &  tried multiple remedies, and are still stuck with this itching. Unfortunately, I never came across any updates, so I don't know what finally helped them, if they figured it out. There's got to be something to make this stop. Any advice would certainly be appreciated!!
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Argue.  This does NOT sound fun. Sorry you are having this issue.  Try try try not to scratch.  That could cause sores and those can get infected.  But I do understand.  How did you treat the yeast infection you initially had?  And is there a possibility you have something called lichen sclerosis https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/lichen-sclerosis#1 .  A dermatologist may need to be seen.  I know, boo.  But getting rid of the itch is pretty motivating.  Read that article and tell me what you think.
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It should be noted that a yeast infection is really an overabundance in natural yeast that happens when the yeast/bacteria ratio gets out of hand and the yeast take over temporarily.  So you may just still have an overabundance of yeast.  

One thing you can do to help "beat them back" is cut sugar consumption for 3-5 days.   So you eat chicken,  beef,  and vegetables and grains.  (So that might translate into chicken breasts,  beef patties, green vegetables and brown rice.  Yuck,  but it's only 3-5 days).  

Yeast thrives on sugar,  and they will starve.
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