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Late period.


I'm 14 I have been gettin a period every since i was 11.It's ussaully regular It came late for the first time back in april,It bassically skipped a month I hadn't came on since march and i did not see it in april than at the beggening of may. I had sex for the first time on june 11th.I havent seen my period since May I took 3 pregancy test in the last 4months they all turnt up negative! Help me i'm seriously panicking.
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I know you won't want to hear this...but you need to go to the doctor asap. A Gynecologist.  It could be nothing. It could be something. Let the doctor decide what it is!
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Are you eating well? Are you very active athletically?
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you should see a gyn.This is SERIOUS!!!!
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