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Purple grey vagina bump

Hi, someone please help me! I have this grayish purple bump right outside of like the whole where my period happens (excuse my lack of terminology) and it just appeared within the last few hours. I don't know what it's from. Now I have been sick for the past few days and (yes it's gross) haven't changed once or showered. I can't even walk I'm still sick. But this bump kind of hurts, but you know nothing where anyone would even say ouch just a discomfort. The area around it is red. I don't know if it's stress spine well it's almost christmas and I don't want to be sick, or my underwear rubbing or what? I'm not going to die right? It's not an std I'm only fifteen and I've never had sex. I have been taking Tylenol cough drops and a bunch of cough drops. If someone could help that'd be amazing
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That sounds to me like an ingrown hair. Don't worry, they hurt like a b. But they will get better. I always dug the hair with a needle then pulled it...
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You shouldnt worry if you have never had sex, trust me. Its probably and ingrown hair, and those get swollen and hurt sometimes they get pretty big too. Don't work, but if I get out of hand and its there for weeks ask your doctor, doctors have seen worse and nastier things.
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I agree w above posters. When you go for a pap the Gyn will help. Try to take a hot bath. Pamela
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It sounds exactly like an ingrown hair or bad razor burn. Google an ingrown hair and figure out if that's what you have or not. They're more common if you've recently shaved but I'm sure they show up on their own. If you decide it's not an ingrown hair or razor burn, it wouldn't hurt to go to the doctor.
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