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Vaginal itch and burn.

I've had an itchy vagina for a loooong time. I am terrified of strangers touching my vagina as I am a rape surviver... going to the doctor is not an option. So I've been dealing with this for a long time :(

Basically there's a rush of blood, burning sensation... and a constant itch. Even when it isn't itchy just touching the lips feels like im "scratching an itch". There is no discharge from what I can tell.. and no smell. Out of the blue it feels like I have "tiny paper cuts" everywhere between my anus and my vagina.

I've tried over the counter yeast infection products, both pills and creams, nothing seems to be working. Still going on.

It all began when I started being sexually active for the first time in many years with a new boyfriend. Everytime we had sex, using condoms, it would flare up... but usually go away agian. Last time we had sex it stayed and I've been terrified of having sex ever since.

I've also always had problms with exzema and my skin is generally very dry. Perhaps it's related to that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I am horrified of going to the doctor and just thinking about it forces me into a panic attack. Thank you in advance :(
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I'm sorry you were attacked but obviously you can't let that keep you from being healthy.  You can't have sexual activity with a yeast infection.  You are passing it back and forth between you and your friend.  

Get some Rescue Remedy to calm your nerves and see a female gynecologist.  

What happens is that you go into the room and they give you a drape to put on.  So you have the drape between you and the MD and it is very impersonal and easy.  You pretend you are someplace else basically.  That was how it was explained to me and I just thought of it like that and it was fine.
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hi i am so sorry that you went through a rape :( i think it could be your exzema you can get it there too years ago i had exzema it was on my scalp and  vagina itchy and burning too it is hard to see the rash of  exzema   when on scalp and vagina because of the hair that most have there i used lubrication gel it was helpful  but not a cure would you be alright with a female doctor
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