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What to do about ex-wife’s vaginal odor

As mentioned before, been having problems with impotence, micro penis and premature ejaculation, so while reconciling with ex-wife  tried oral sex, but noticed an very strong odor from her vagina with some type of cheesy discharge, she doesn’t speak English and don’t know where to go in Philadelphia, are there any over the counter treatments.
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So, I do want to add though that yeast infections really don't usually have much of an odor.  Bacterial vaginosis is much more common for producing a foul odor.  Discharge with BV is thin, watery and grey and the smell is a tell tale sign  Antibiotics clear it up.  She could have a yeast infection along with the BV and that is often accompanied by bad itching though and also thicker and clumpy discharge.  She could have both.

Women also get dead skin and whatnot trapped in the folds of their genital area. A small amount of antibacterial soap used to gently wash the outer spot can clear that up.

What about a clinic?  What about someone who speaks English going with her? An urgent care can provide care for her as well.  
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Thanks, there’s plenty of urgent cares in Philadelphia.
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She could assume it is a yeast infection, there are over-the-counter treatments for those. Ask at a pharmacy. Here is from another website about yeast infection:
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A couple of names are Monistat and Gyne-lotrimin.

If the over-the-counter treatments don't do anything, she should see a doctor and get swabbed to see what it is.
Thanks, very much, will buy those treatments immediately for her.
Keep in mind, even with those treatments if there is a definite and bad odor, as specialmom says, that's not the primary symptom of yeast infections. I mentioned yeast infections first because you said "cheesy." My second guess would have been bacterial vaginosis (BV), as she mentioned. It won't hurt to try an over-the-counter preparation for a yeast infection, but if the smell persists, she should definitely see a doctor and get a run of antibiotics. BV itself is not dangerous, but if left untreated, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, and that is serious because it can cause scarring that causes infertility. The only way to treat it is with antibiotics, it is not an over-the-counter treatment that you can just pick up at the store. Neither yeast infections nor BV are particularly uncommon. I agree with specialmom also that possibly she has both things going on.

If you are having regular sex with her and she is diagnosed by the doctor as having BV, ask the doctor for a run of the same antibiotics for yourself. Some women get healed from BV only to get it passed right back to them by their partners.
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