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Why are my periods suddenly shorter?

hello! I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on what might be going on... some background im a 27 yr old female with no history of any cysts or pcos or histoty of pregnancy or anything. Im not on birth control and my boyfriend and I use the withdrawal method. (Been together 6 years, currently living together, not ttc)

Ever since I first got my period its ranged anywhere from 5-7 days long. The first day always being light/medium flow, the next 2 or 3 days heavy flow, and the last few days are brown spotting.

The last 2 periods I've had have been really short. Last month was only 4 days long with 2 bleeding days (red in color) and this past period was only 2 days as well, the first day REALLY light and the second day REALLY heavy (couldn't use tampons, had to use a pad) and yesterday I had only slight spotting (brown in color) and so far today I have slight spotting as well but I only need a panty liner for it.

I have taken a pregnancy test (one of the dollar ones cuz they were sold out of name brand) and it came out negative.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Due to covid my doctor probably won't see me as im not in any pain.
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Something prompted your body to let go of your endometrium in a different way than usual. Either you've had a hormonal change from something, or maybe you had an early pregnancy and an early miscarriage. (Withdrawal isn't worth much, since women can ovulate whenever in their cycle and men can send sperm out with pre-ejaculatory fluid. It's more of a method used by men to avoid condoms than it is a birth-control method.)

In your shoes, I'd call the doctor and see about getting an ultrasound to check for fibroids, cysts and/or debris from a chemical pregnancy. It would be something I'd want to get to the bottom of, preferably before my next period.
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