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Yeast infection or STD?

So I’ve had some slight itching on the outside opening of my vagina, like right at the front. I’ve looked up multiple stds and freaked myself out majorly but none of them quite match my one symptom which is just itchiness. There’s no pain or burning when I pee or anything like that, it’s just itchy and I’ve noticed I’m starting to get a slight bumpy rash because I’ve been scratching so much. I thought it was a yeast infection but it isn’t inside the vulva area at all, just in a quarter-sized area right above the clitoris. Does anyone know what this could be?
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An easy way to find out is to see your doctor.  :))  You can go to your regular doctor or a clinic like Planned Parenthood.  They can swab your discharge and tell you right away if it is yeast or not.  I'm guessing it is. You aren't describing a blister, are you?  Did you have a recent sexual exposure that is worrying you with regards to an STD?  Anyway, to me it sounds more yeast infection like but you need a doctor to swab your discharge and do a visual inspection to be certain.  
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