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belly button pain and pus

Last night I noticed a slight pain in my belly button (it felt like it was coming from behind my innie belly button) today, I noticed the same pain but a little more intense. After I pushed right above my belly button really hard earlier, a lot of thick white-ish yellow pus started oozing out of my belly button, the more I pushed the more pus came out (kind of like a really big pimple). the pus started to turn red (i think from blood?) and it decreased the pain for a little. I've had a similar problem with belly button pain, and pus but i've never noticed that applying pressure makes the pus come out. Any ideas about what it may be?
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From what I gather, having read other websites, you either have an infection in the skin in your bellybutton (like a pimple or a cyst), or the prenatal tube connecting your urethra to your umbilical cord may not have sealed all the way, which could require surgery to fix.  So the best case scenario is probably some antibiotic ointment (which you should seriously start doing right now--and also cleaning your navel daily with a Q-tip), and the worse is a very minor surgery.  Everything else falls in between these two, but only going to see a doctor to have your symptoms examined is going to tell you what the problem and exactly what you need to do.
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Clean it with what???? alcohol? Peroxide? Water? What should i clean the pus away with????
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