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cramps without period

I am experiencing period like cramps for the past few days and i am not due to have my period untill next week (11th jan) my last period finished on the 19th dec.  I was on 5 day course of antibiotics which ended on the 20th dec.  I am on the pill.  I had unprotected sex on the 26 and 28 of dec. I am aware that antibiotics affect the pill and that extra protection must be made for 7 days after stoping antibiotics but i had sex 6 days afterwards and i wasnt protected my a condom.  I have looked at other websites that tell me that period like cramps are an early sign of pregnancy and i am quite worried as i have never experienced period like cramps without a period before.  I doubt my period will come (if it does) untill i am due next week because my periods are always regular.  I do not have anyother symptoms.  I really need someones help as i have tried other forums with no luck and i would be very very greatful if someone could help me and let me know if this cramping is normal or if i could be pregnant.  Please some one help me as i am quite worried
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Hey again,

So i took the test and it was negative. Still no sign of period but I'm going to stick to original plan and wait another week or so till i take another. Still getting the cramps, experiencing them right now actually lol.

Hope everyone's okay?!
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Hi Ladies,
I went away for an anniversary get-a-way and a week and a half later I started feeling slightly nauseous. This feeling comes and goes mainly in the morning, a little in the afternoon and then quite a bit in the evening. I definitely don't have the flu because there is no fever, chills or other symptoms to go with it.
I've been pregnant three other times before so I'm getting slightly worried.
But here's where I'm confused...two things. 1) My husband had a vasectomy 5 and a half years ago. 2) I'm a week and a half from my period and I've been getting cramps.Unusual for me. This evening I had a cramp that made me feel a little nauseous and it scared me. I do get cramps around ovulation and this is not like those cramps.
Any ideas?
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I have pain in the lower abdominal area.  Cramping.  It's constant, but every once in awhile it will hurt worse, like a spasm.  Which I have had for 6 days now.  Urine and bowel movements are normal.  It doesn't burn when I pee.  I've had some vaginal discharge, but it doesn't smell.  No fever.  No bloating. I'm constantly queasy, but no vomiting.  I'm not on birth control.  I had unprotected sex a 9 days ago.  The last day of my period was 16 days ago. So I have to wait another 15 days for my period to come.  I had my pee tested today, and it came up negative for infections.  I don't ever feel when I'm ovulating.  I will for sure let this forum know what my end results are, since no one seems to remember to let the rest of us know what happened with them. lol  
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Alright, I received the answer to my question via doctor's results
I'm not pregnant. I had an infection that went into my kidneys causing the nausea and the early cramps.
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i had an abortion 8 weeks ago i still did not recieve my period and i am experincing real bad cramps I need some answers
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Okay, so I am in the same boat as most people here.  My husband and I are trying to concieve and I quit taking birth control in November 2007.  I had a regular period in Nov and Dec, but now nothing.   The whole month of january no period and now I am going on day 39 (I usually start on day 32).  I have been cramping though, and I have taken 2 hpt and they were both negative.  I'm just glad to know that there are others like me :)  I saw my ob/gyn on 1/23 but that was prior to the cramping and late period and he said I should be fine to conceive.  BTW I saw on another board that someone had the same symptoms that I have stated above for 3 months and it wasn't until then that she had a positive HPT and she was 3 months pregnant.  Don't mean to scare anyone who is not TTC!
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