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cryosurgery of the cervix for abnormal pap

hello board, i just had some quick questions.  i'm 35 and i had my first abnormal pap this summer. they biopsied my cervix and found i had CIN1, it was suggested to me i have cryosurgery where they freeze the cells in the cervix, well i had it three days ago and it was the worst cramping of my life, and day three i'm still having watery discharge like i'm peeing myself and it's starting to smell extremely foul.  i am a very clean person this is really hurting my self esteem and making me super anxious.  can anyone else please share their experience, like how long it took you to heal or when does this discharge stop? it's affecting me very negatively. thank you all for your help.
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From my experience, the watery discharge is considered typical after the procedure; wear pads and carry extra with you for a week or so. I think you should definitely consider calling your doctor today, explain your symptoms, and ask what they suggest to do about the foul smell. Do not douche. The doctor may have you come back in for a check-up to see how you are healing. Make sure to have the doctor explain to you about what you should expect in regard to the healing process for the next couple of weeks.
Take Care
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