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is this a yeast infection???

about a week ago i had sex then the next day i woke up to this right side pain. from a 1-10 it was a 5 and would come and go. So i went to the er the next day and they checked me for a uti and it was negative and the doctor thought it was my appendix but i left because i  didn't have that much pain for it to be my appendix.

so next 2 days i go to a different doctor and i have them check me for std's because at this point i dont know what the pain could be.. i have to now wait around 2 weeks for results

next day i wake up with with cottage cheese like stuff in my vagina! and its swollen and slightly itchy but not too itchy as long as i don't touch it. So i go and get the cvs version of monistat 1 day treatment. It's been day 2 now and i don't feel any better.

What to do now? Is this a yeast infection? should i go back to the ER, i have no insurance till January :(
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Sweetie, I'd find a 'real' doctor to be your primary care physician so you don't have to go the emergency room for a suspected yeast infection,. That would make that the most expensive yeast infection in the entire world!  Look for a general practitioner, family doctor or even shift down to an urgent care for your general care needs like checking out if you have a uti, std or yeast infection.  By the way, I see you have no insurance until January.  Go to an urgent care rather than an ER.  They most likely will have a sliding scale for fees.  Or find a clinic.  You'll still be responsible for those ER bills even if you don't have insurance and that bill will follow you complete with collection agency if you don't pay.  And the ER is super expensive.  I just don't want you to have unnecessary big bills.  

Uti's can grow.  You can have a negative in office and 24 hours later, bacteria is found in the culture.  Generally, when testing for a UTI, they keep the urine for that 24 hour time frame because of this.  Last UTI I had, it was negative in office an they called back the next morning and told me it was a uti.  BUT, there is the thing about a uti, you might get lower abdominal pain, however, the most common symptom is an urge to urinate all the time and burning and pain upon urination.  Doesn't sound like you had that.  (as this would not be confused with an appendix issue),.

By the way, you don't have to have level 10 pain to have an inflamed appendix.  Before a burst, it grows in pain.  So, probably not wise to ignore doctor's orders.  My oldest son got sent to the hospital for a suspected appendix.  Symptoms seemed off to me---  and he didn't have an appendix. But while checking, they found that he had an impacted bowel.  This can lead to a rupture in the bowel which is very serious as well.  So, I was glad I followed the doctor's orders.  

Okay, so then you get symptoms of yeast infection.  Well, you can treat that over the counter.  If that is your only symptom at this point, I'd do that.  Then you don't have ANY doctor's bills.  Maybe you can make it until Jan. when you have insurance that way.  good luck

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Go back to your doctor and have it checked again! You sound nasty and if it is std then .... I'm sorry ... Some can be treated so if u have one then demand treatment!!!!!
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