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breastfeeding and zika

Hi, I traveled to cancun recently without my baby. On my return I realized I could have the zika virus because I was bit bu several mosquitos. I have not breastfed my 3 month baby out of this fear. I know the CDC recommends breastfeeding because the benefit outweighs the potential risk but I am still scared to breastfeed because there just is not enough information and research on this topic. What should I do? Get tested or just wait a few weeks for it leave my system if I even have it.
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I can completely understand your concerns.  There haven't documented cases of transferring the virus via breastmilk, but as you stated, it's kind of new and there hasn't been time to do a lot of research.  

I think you should do whatever is going to alleviate your fears completely.  Obviously, a test will do that.  If you are negative, then you can relax.  Otherwise, you might just be waiting for symptoms and not know when to stop waiting.  But of course it's entirely up to you, and the odds are extremely low that you 1) caught it, and 2) could possibly transmit it via breastmilk.
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