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penis head is rough
What happens when a man does not have sex for long period of time?
If I had sex 6 days after being treated for chlyamidia could I be reinfected?
what is the cause for itchy private parts
my vigina has been hurting and white stuff has been coming out . this has happened f...
My boyfreind Ejaclated in me more then once am i pregnant?
i am 24 year old .i am college student. i should take masterbuting weekly once ,some times ...
If white sticky stuff comes out your vagina , does that mean you have an STD?
im 26 yrs old. nd my penis is 3 inch nd its crookid. how im suppose to make it straight nd ...
i am 46 years old. i married 21 years ago.since i married i couldn,t happy my wife. because...
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Um well every time me and my hubby have sex and he ejaculates , no matter if I keep my...