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This patient community is for the abuse of and/or addiction to alcohol. Discussions include alcoholism, identifying addiction, withdrawal, treatment, and support.

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i have been heavy drinker for 5 yrs, recently i stopped drinking, its been 2 months. after 3 weeks of quitting alcohol, i suddenly has th...
For the last several (7-8) years, my wife has been dependent on at least one bottle of wine every night, sometimes more. She's seen a cou...
I have been drinking a pint of vodka plus a few beers every other day for about 3 years. I was strictly a weekend warrior before that....
My husband is a good father and provider however he is an alcoholic. His father was an alcoholic. He works in construction and works very...
Am a high functioning alcoholic . 39 year old female . Been drinking for 20 years now with breaks in between . Don’t remember drinking e...
I was charged with dui. they r saying my blood alcohol level was .375 I don't feel like that is possiable
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