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Taking anabuse and am getting tested each time I take it... I am not drinking but worried about false positives with hair dye... hating m...
Are there a list of possible conditions which symptoms include extreme sensitivity to alcohol? Recently had a 200lb male friend enjoy...
Hello, I've been ill for years now without explanation, and so I result to alcohol and benzo usage to cope. I used to drink only three...
hey i'm a 21 year old white male. I am no alcoholic but have been the occasional binge drinker for awhile. Occasional being 3-4 times a m...
Trying to understand 2.83 alcohol level, after a spell in intensive care for severe hypnotremia ,the blood test was done a good few hours...
I'm not an alcoholic. I only drink at party's and I only party once a year. Alcohol makes my hands red and hot, like I could go outside i...
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