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I didn't know where to post this issue, so I just posted here. So lately I've been having an array of weird symptoms. It started almo...
Hi I jus wanted to kno can your cycle change even tho it jus change my last period was 5/10 I haven't came on yet. Do I need 2 give it mo...
What does it mean when your stool is really larg and causes bleeding?
Last year I had an abortion and I'm really scared that I won't be able to have children of my own someday... Please let me know if this i...
I have dark dry spots between my breast and between my stomach fold. They peel but never go away. When i grab my skin together it gets da...
Ok I had unprotected sex with a female just over six weeks ago. Lasted for 10 mins and did not ejaculate inside. I started getting a burn...
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