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Hi, i cant understand the results here. Does it look bad? Im 50 years old, male, excellent condition, dont smoke or drink but have mild H...
For about a week now I have noticed something pretty disturbing and uncomfortable. It started with a tenderness to the touch on the left...
Someone posted on another site that they had seen in a study a lonk between PVcs increasing and fish oil? I find this fascinating becaus...
I've noticed that after just one glass of wine, a few hours later, i get heart palpitations that last for a while. It doesn't feel irreg...
Next week I will be going on vacation. As I suffer from heart palpitations, I am scared to death of flying with heart palps. I am not af...
I'm 20 years old and I had my ablation for my svt back in Oct of 2014. Recently I have had epsiodes again, not as long but just the same ...
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