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I'm 41, premenopausal, 2kids, both breast fed. I've been diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst on my left ovary. I went to the dr becau...
I had a CAT scan done due to the finding of complex cyst on both ovaries which OBGYN said had blood flow. But, when the results came in, ...
I have recently had my hormones checked due to extreme fatigue. My estrogen level is 1140 which has me very concerned why it is this hig...
I’m 76 and a transvaginal ultrasound found these two issues. I understand that continuous use of estrace can cause thickening of the ute...
I am growing very concerned about some issues that I have been dealing with and starting to worry that I could have ovarian cancer. I hav...
I have an 18cm simple cyst on my left ovary will it need surgery to be removed
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