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What can i do for my teen daughter who was diagnosed with school phobia? It seems that the school system does not understand that this d...
24/M/USA For as long as I can remember I have had a fear of getting a severe or deadly disease. This has led me on frequent doctor vis...
Hi! Ive been married for about 2 years and im still a virgin. We have tried intercourse but my husband doesnt know what to do and also i ...
Is it normal for me to fear my period I always feel really scared and self conscious that people will be able to tell and it makes everyt...
So I was watching a tv show and someone mentioned that they could stab someone with a needle without them knowing and a week later they w...
Hi...M 32 year old female born with phobias...I have some unexplainable fear n anxiety when I even think about pain,needles, surgeries,...
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