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Pregnant women expecting babies in June 2011
I know it really doesnt mean anything but im just super curious, I got checked he said NO PROGRESS ha after all the cramping and pain do...
I was just wondering if anyone had their baby yet. I am still here, was in l&d last week from contractions but they weren't strong enough...
of giving birth!! I honestly feel like I'm going to have this baby this week. My contractions seem to be regulating as of this morning. A...
Sometimes at night I wake due to painful hands, only to find my fingers, hands & wrists to be swollen, I do not feel sick, no fever nothi...
I'm 34 weeks and found out that my baby is in a breeched posiiton. Does she stiill have time to turn? At point will she be to large to tu...
I am almost 37 weeks now. And I really don't want to get an epidural. But every time I tell anyone this, they act like it's just literall...
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