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Pregnant women expecting babies in June 2011
.. it seems that my belly dropped!!! I've been experiencing some lower abdominal pain the past 3 days & also some nausea .. its gone now....
I had 2 normal deliveries 18 & 15 yrs ago - this time its c-section, (not by choice), I remeber bleeding for 30 - 35 days after delivery,...
Am I the only one that is struggling with the decision to circumcise?
In about four weeks we will all be off the forum and holding bundles of joy. Is everybody ready? Although it seems real to me I still can...
We have decided on Rylan Miles. Rylan comes from his brothers middle names Ryan and Allen and Miles comes from my grandfather's middle na...
Im just over 35wks pregnant and experience a lot more viginal discharge ... not smelly .. any of you experiencing more discharge? Is it n...
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