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70 days clean

Can't believe 70 days clean never would I think I would make 70 days with my back pain I'm doing it yes some days I wonder would it be easier don't hurt call my doctor say I'm done call me in something but then I remember that dark lonely place I was in I never want to go back there.My work has been great with me if I'm hurting I go home.I love waking up and not being in withdrawal.Im going to meetings I look forward to going and sharing my story.This by far was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.I never thought I would be a addict.It stole  almost 5 yrs of my life I'm never looking back only moving forward.I thank God everyday for my life,and for you guys God bless you all.
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Howdy! I just happened to see your post and it made me so happy to see this, I had to say congratulations!!
70 days! Amazing!!
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i agree getting clean is the hardest thing ive ever tried to do.  congratulations on 70 + days then!!!!  you're rockin it!  dont go back ...
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Congrats corey, keep up the good fight
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Congratulations you are doing awesome.
You have worked hard and it is paying off.
Keep up the good work.
Yes there is freedom from the chains and bondage of addiction.
You are living proof.
Keep on keepin on.
Continued healing and comfort,
Be blessed.
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