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72hours opiate free

Hi everyone...I'm always trolling this site but have never posted. To sum it up I've always partied but never really needed any drugs like an addict...the past 3 years I've really built my life up from a horrid divorce and found a wonderful Guy who takes care of me and my children. I'm a 35 year old mother of 2 kids 17 & 10. Point in being I've had a ruff life but now that I'm happy this stupid pill comes into my life and now for over a year I've been taking almost 30 if not more Vicodin 750 a day. Now I've decided to stop cold Turkey and we are in the middle of moving. I think its good I'm staying active and my boyfriend is so supportive...I'm just wondering what days are the worst? I will say a friend gave me 2 Xanax and I only take a small piece when I'm freaking out...because we litterally have no where to move untilled my check comes in. Idk wish me luck!
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72 hours is GREAT! You are doing fantastic and almost over the hump. Very smart to stay busy and distracted. This will get the endorphins moving and you'll move thru w/d quicker. Be sure to eat if you can and if not, drink a protein drink. Hot baths for anxiety and muscle aches, immodium for any lingering bathroom issues. Get some fresh air, listen to some good tunes and know you are doing the single most important thing you could be doing. Keep posting for support. It does wonders for the attitude. Oh, and go kiss that supportive guy you have.
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yes 72 hours is awesome!  you are almost there....just keep moving forward and know it gets better!  and hopefully your living situation resolves quickly!  and it's great you have someone to support you!  stick close to this site and we can help you thru it!  it's an awesome place for support and info!
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Selfinduced is right, Keeping youself busy and moving is a HUGE plus and will really help those natural chemicals to get flowing! Most people want to just lay around because they feel so horrible, and IMO that just makes you feel worse!! All you do is watch the clock and it moves so slow!

Youve got the right attitude, and you have a supportive boyfriend! 2 big pluses! You can do this! Keep posting and let us know how your doing!
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Thanks so much guys/gals..I really am trying to work thru this I hope it's better after today. Moving is crazy bcuz my body just hurts...I'm just grabbing a Pike of items and a few boxes..sitting down and filling them slowly. I really am very lucky to have my SO to talk to cry to and so on. Some points in the day I'm so busy I forget I'm even going thru this cold Turkey hell. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement
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Oh and I live how you mentioned music...I've been blasting tunes the past 2 days and it seriously helps!
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celebrate the days you've knocked off. Good nutrition is critical now. Your going to do this I have no doubt. hour by hour.
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You have gotten some great advice, all I will add is about keeping active like you are, exercise when the move is over and find a quality protein and amino acid supplement to kick start healing your brain!  We really wreck our heads on these pills, and it takes awhile to heal them up......good nutrition, supplements and exercise helps.  Good luck.

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I recommend going to the pools, preferable heated. Being in the water and kicking your legs around really makes you feel better along with being in warm water.
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98 hours in but really freaking out about moving...seriously have nowhere to take my family so with this stress all I want are pills pills pills. Taking a ton of vitamins and bathing a lot....music music music :) so busy no time to feel sorry for my break up with pills but its always in the back of my head. Thanks for all the input it really does keep me going. Can't wait for 100 hours!
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