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Teina honey this is so AWESOME! I'm so dang proud of you my little prayer warrior! Your positive attitude, caring spirit and love inspires me daily and I treasure your
friendship more than you know. I'm thrilled for your tremendous accomplishment and I know your loving Ryne has an amazing example to follow! Prayers of thanksgiving! Love to you sunshine and congratulations!
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Oh my goodness y’all... I am so utterly honored and overwhelmed by the generosity, love, and support I have found here... thank you so much for your kindness!!  What a journey!!  I came to this MedHelp looking for support because (as many of you know) my son is an addict: and was actively in his addiction and has chronically relapsed for about ten years, and I was FALLING apart... I didn’t come here for my own recovery journey- initially.  A VERY WISE woman whom I’ve grown to LOVE more than words can ever articulate clearly enough... welcomed me the very first day and said, “As you know....to keep it we have to give it away...”  And a fabulous new journey began... new friendships and love and support I could never have imagined... AND I stepped up my OWN recovery like I never had before.  I had been so focused on my son... I wasn’t paying attention to how vulnerable I had become...
What I have learned in these 4 years is NO matter how many days I have whether those first 30, 180, or 1461... This recovery process is STILL just ONE day at a time.  It does me no justice to look back... and none to look too far forward... so, I do my utmost every day to stay in the present.  Just for today.  I derive my strength from staying connected!!  Connected to my God – my Higher Power – My BIG Cheese!!  AND to OTHER RECOVERING addicts like Y’ALL!  I have learned by the grace and mercy of ONE infinitely mightier than I that I CANNOT do this ALONE... I can’t but WE can.  Together we can walk a recovery journey which often seems tenuous...  moment by moment.  I just thank you for walking this journey with me, and thanks for ALL the LOVE today!! I FEEL it! Feeling SO darn tootin' BLESSED!
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My goodness, more clean time, woohoo lovely Teina, a very happy congratulations on 4 years clean my dear darling sweet friend !!!
I love everything about you, your warm personality, your caring nature, your big loving heart.
I love you dearly and thankyou for being the greatest friend to me !!
I am just so, so proud of you, im delighted to know you girlfriend.
With lots and lots of love and cuddles xoxo
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Wow Shelly!! Amazing! Congratulations on your 4 years clean!  :)
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Wow! You are an amazing friend.  Your faith shines thru and I just love being your friend on this journey with you. Thank you for your kind, loving, caring words.  And CONGRATULATIONS! That's a really long time girlie.
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You are a wonder!  I swear....does the Big Cheese have you on payroll or something?!?  You are nothing less than pure hope and sunshine packaged into pretty little soul.  Uber congrats on  huge time in!!   Thank you for being such an inspiration here (and I'm sure anywhere else you grace your presence)......keep rockin it Sista Sunshine!   Much love and peace xo
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CONGRATS you give me hope
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Way to go, I'm so glad you are here with is. You have much to offer the world and you freely give it. Thanks for being YOU!
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Big Props to you on your 4 year Milestone, Shelly!!!! You're an inspiration :))))
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im just sitting here in front of the screen all blank, my dear T, idk what to say!!!  you are just TOO wonderful for words!  TOO wonderful!  you have helped me so much, you have really gone beyond baby, and I am so grateful for your comments that get me through so many hard times, for your positive nature, your joy, and your hope ...  I am just sew greatfull for yoo!!!  I love you mi shell ma belle!  congratulations on FOUR IMMENSE AND GINORMOUS YEARS!!!!  <3
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Congratulations, and thank you so very much for your inspiring support.  You are a positive roll model for us all.  I wish you all the best.
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Congrats on 4 yrs clean!!!!

Let our actions speak louder than our words~
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I think I'm gonna borrow that Spidey:  Sista Sunshine!!!  4 YRS WAHOO!!!!

There mighta only been a "shell of you" when you found this forum....but I see so much growth and change in you since you arrived!!!  Giving God all your broken pieces is such a daily challenge.  You share your faith, you lift others up....and you are learning to take care of Teina FIRST and foremost.

Hope your bday cake day with Ryne yesterday was joyful.....and now TODAY is bday cake day for YOU Sista Sunshine!!!!

Celebrating you, my life boat partner.....may we always remember....
"The person that rows the boat generally doesn't have time to rock it."
You're heart blesses us all....thank you~

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Awe Teina I am so happy for you! 4 Years is totally amazing!!!!!! I am so glad we became great friends and I miss you very much! Thank you for EVERYTHING! You are always there to lift me up even when I am really down. I love you like a sister from another Mister lol ..... So happy for you my Love!!! XOXO
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Woohooo!  4 years YOU GO GIRL!!!

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Congragulations to you!  4 years, WOW!  I hope to be able to say that myself sometime.  Wonderful.
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Congrats on 4 years!!! That is amazing :))
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Congrats Teina on your clean time.
You are a breath of sunshine and such an encourager to all.
I am so happy you found us.
GOD can do abundantly above anything we think or ask.
Continue to praise HIM, trust HIM and believe HIM in and for all things.
You are loved,
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I am sorry that I am late to your celebration.  I don't even have words to say to do justice to how I feel about you.  You are an absolute blessing and joy - a pure ray of sunshine each and every day!  Your never-ending support and spiritual strength spills over into our hearts and makes us better people. I truly adore, admire, and respect you my dear friend!
Congrats to you on such an amazing accomplishment!  Yes, one day at a time, but that doesn't make your 4 years any less awesome!  So darn proud of you and so privileged to call you friend!
I love you dear girl!
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I too am late to the party. Big Congrats to YOU!!!!
I am so happy for you and just Love the Spiritual side of You. You have become a piece of MH and have shared many things with us. Just keep it in the present for that is all we have.lol Thank you for the support you have given  me along the way too!!
Bless U Always
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