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A word from an old buddy

Hi everyone...see some names I recognize and some I don't...but just wanted to pop back in and say hello.

I joned this forum in the days after I decided enough was enough and put an end to my dependence on opiates.  I am 3 years, 17 days clean from opiates. And 1 year, 6 months and 24 days sober.  And still working the plan every day.  Some days better than others, but every day ends with me being able to say that I didn't drink or take a drug today.  I still take everything one day at a time and am so grateful for the freedom that comes with being in recovery.  Thanks to all my pals on here for getting me through those dark days...dominosara, merrymaria and many many more.  

Take care...xo
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I remember you. It feels good dosen't it?
Good to hear from you!
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Congrats on clean time and thanks for sharing. I am sure it will help someone today, it did me. Thanks
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Hey!!  Hi!!   Surprise...surprise...surprise!!   Oh yes...the "dark days"!!  Man,it's wonderful to have that all behind!! Huh??
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