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August 2016 Roll Call

This is so funny......I've always wanted to start one of these.....
Name is Melissa, I'm a 44 yr old mother of 4....my clean date is 1/1/2014!!!!
I've been clean now for a little over 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say, today, I NEVER want to go back to the way I was living before!  The help that I rec'd on this website in the beginning was invaluable....you people walked me through the hellish nightmare of withdrawal and when I came out on the other end...I thought I was brain damaged! LOL....Someone on here recommended I do the 90/90 for a 12 step program....I did....this was a right move. Probably the 2nd best move I've ever made in my life....1st one was finally deciding enough was enough. I didn't just want to be abstinent from drugs.....I wanted to learn about myself....that's what N/A has taught me.
Good luck to everyone out there....this journey was well worth it!!!!  :)
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Motye, I will happily follow your lead. I have 2 years and 6 weeks clean. Life is hard: I have to face real life problems. But, now I have a chance in life because I'm clean. I would not be clean w/o my program, no way. But, boy did I try doing it on my own. And I always got the same result: back to using. It was THIS forum that gave me the shove in the right direction. Glad to be on here, giving back:)
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I am sara,  My clean date is April 28th, 2008.  I remember the 1st thread i saw.  It was from Addict3 who was just a few days ahead of me thought he was in he!!.....Little did i know at that time what a wonderful friend he and his wife would become.  He always tells me just what i need to hear and he is the one who instilled in me the "Guard Up".  I have and always will have my Guard Up!  I have found so many blessings in my recovery and have made life long friends who support my beliefs.  I also have a sponsor that is a really tough old girl.  She isnt afraid to say what is on her mind with me.  She shoots straight from the hip and doesnt mince words, just what i need.  I chose NA and was given so many tools.  My playmates and playground changed, i was honest with all my doctors but the one i was the most honest with was me.  Thank you to everyone who has walked thru this forum.  I take something from each and everyone of you~
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I am thrilled you are both here!!
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Im hailey, and I'll be clean from suboxone for a year next month, my clean date is september 16th! So thankful to be here and be free! I found so much support on here and through 12 step programs, i couldnt have made it here without yall, but most importantly keeping in contact with my higher power, my God! I really am in awe today because i thought i would die on that drug. Glad to be here, praying for yall!
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Congrats Hailey!!  Keep working your program.  I am glad you are here too!
I have 195 days clean . But even if you are 1 day or 500 days you can get clean. Its not easy but doable it does not matter what you are addicted too if you want it bad enough you can do anything. So congrats to every one and i hope every one continues to keep going Keep on rocking your clean time
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My name is Shannon, I am a 38 year old mother of 4 amazing boys, oldest being 21 and youngest being 21 months! My clean date is June 21, 2016, I have 43 days clean...I'm not very far into it, but even with the withdrawals, this has been one of the happiest times in my life. With the help of this forum, and all you wonderful people on here, I have realized that I do not need to take 8-10 Norcos a day to manage my pain. You guys have helped me find insight into my self and my life as well as insight on how to figure out how to manage my pain without the narcotic pain relievers. This is the first time I had ever even googled Norco withdrawal and how to quit, and this is the first forum I have ever come to, and without all you guys, I wouldn't have pushed myself to quit like I did. You made me realize I was not alone, and I was amazed at how many people were just like me. I want to say special thank you to Clean in KS, who was the first person to comment on my posts and help me out, VICourageous, dominosarah and gnarly_1. Because of all your posts and encouragement, I found strength in myself, and have also helped a couple other people on here that were not far behind me! Being clean and clear minded is an amazing thing, and I'm proud of myself and of all of us for choosing a new path for ourselves! God bless and keep all of you!
And thank you to Motye51 (Melissa) for starting this Roll Call...this was fun and a great way to start my Tuesday morning!
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Hi guys! So happy to say I'm still here! I'll be free of suboxone a year September 19. Right behind you ImInAwe! You guys were here when things were tough and I'll never forget it!
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I found the site the same way .. I was so burned out on the pills many years ago a started looking for help online the first site I found was this one and never looked back  I have relapsed a few times during my years due to my motorcycle accidents but this site saved me.. and I believe that day one is just a hard as day 100 best wishes.
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Good going everyone!

My name is Vickie and I will have 4yrs next month. I have not drank in over 13 or more yrs, however that was because I did not want to wreak my buzz from my pills. I am now 60yrs old and got clean when I was 56. I started using and taping in drugs/booze at a very Young age off & on. The Environment back in the later 60s, early 70s was just full of Peace, Love and all Above. It was when I first got a hold of a Opiate, in the 90s, that took my life for 16yrs and the last 12 was methadone, street bought adderral and a benzo to come down. This SITE and all my Friends out here, at the time and some still here, had saved me from going back out so many times during my Heartache moments with so many Losses & Health issues in early recovery. The ones who I talk to over the phone with, from here, have been a God-send for me too. RECOVERY takes WORK and if you work it, it will work for you. I have walked Many Miles, in different programs, and still do, but my Church and God comes first. Support is the Key in letting out all those issues in our lives, that we stuff in a back pocket. Get rid of the substances and start living a clean & sober life. It is Way better then anything else!! Keep the Support line open at all hours!
God be with...
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WOW!  We haven't had one of these in a long time!  I missed them!!!

Congratulations everyone on your clean time!  Years, months, days or hours we all only have today!  And today is Awesome and we are miracles!!

I am Karen and have almost 20 months clean and sober.  Sobriety date 12/9/14.

I came here just before I quit and was given so much support and encouragement!  This site was a godsend and I am ashamed to say that I don't come on here enough to give back what I so freely received...

I started doing 12 step meetings online right in the beginning and they helped me through until I got to face to face meetings.  I still do both and go to at least one meeting everyday!  I do AA most of the time even though my drug of choice is opiates because there are more of those around and Im an alcoholic too!!

Support and Giving back really are the keys.  Support may look different for each of us but as long as you have people who will be there for you and will call you on your BS and love you through the pain and hard times then you are blessed!

Thank you all for being here for me...for encouraging me....and for helping me to find Hope in the beginning and everyday since!  My favorite acronym is for Hope....  Hang On Pain Ends!  And it does end as long as we stay brave and courageous each and every day!

Congratulations again to all of us!
Be Well  ♡

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bump it back up!!!
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hi My name is Mark and I am a addict....today I no longer use and am greatful to God that im clean for me im 2857 days clean from a 7 yr run on methadone  it was the most brutal detox I ever put my body threw b/4 methadone it was every kind of pill imaginable and over the 10yr run on them I detoxed more then I like to admit.....now my recovery has had some speed bumps in it....58 months ago I came clean on this site once again  this time it was benzos....I think you got a problem if you eat 120 clonapine in 2 weeks and after blacking out was desperate for help  that is when I joined N/A and forever changed my life......I new I had to step up my aftercare....I was seeing a substance abuse counselor once a week but it wasent enough  I was still obsessed with the addictive behaviors and never lost the desire to get high...threw N/A going to meetings getting a sponcer and working the steps my life has changed drastically.. somewhere along the way I have lost the desire to use...something I never thought was possible after 35yrs of using....but it is TRUE!!!  this is the only progam that I know of that can do that for you like it did for me....if it will work for a old dope fiend like me it will work for anybody so if your just starting out and want to know how we do it google a N/A  meeting near you and go...a big congrats to all on this list  getting clean will always be the best decision in your life  we choose to LIVE.....your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Corey here 33 days clean this site saved my life no turning back now loving my life pill free you all are awesome people
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Hi.  I'm Aaron, 42-year-old father of 3.  I have severe nerve pain due to a botched abdominal surgery back in 2009.  I had been on methadone, prescribed at a local pain clinic, but I lost my insurance and it got too expensive to go there.  I then found an old high school friend still in the area who hooked me up with methadone "on the street."  I've been buying methadone that way for the past 2 years.  Decided 3 days ago that I don't want to rely on the stuff anymore, and I stopped, cold turkey.  This is my second time stopping.  The first time, I didn't last very long, a couple of weeks, and I started again.  It is rougher than I imagined, but I really want to be free of this stuff.  I don't want to start again.
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Hey everyone, im gregg, 28 years old, not nearly as far as everyone else but on my 19th day today. I feel great or way better than being on any opiates.
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Hi everyone!  I will be 4 years clean in Nov. off opiates.  This site was so crucial to me getting clean and to my recovery in the beginning!  Just hang in there to the beginners!!  You should be proud of yourselves if it's 1 day or 100!!  You can do it!!  
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I'm Heather.... I'm back after a bad relapse...
I have 4 months and 25 days today by the grace of God.  And I've missed y'all!
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Celebrated 3 years clean this July 4, 2016.  I agree with the comment above to "keep your guard up."  I am 63 years old now and enjoy being away from oxycodone and booze.  I still can overdo things though--amino acids were great tools to detox with, but I got to taking too much and have now scaled way back.  I love coffee, but again got to drinking it around the clock, so now 1-2 cups in the morning.  My back pain lead me to abuse ibuprofin, and wham, now I have some stomach ulcers that are healing. Once in awhile I puff on a cigar, but I have to be careful with nicotine.

I swim regularly, do physical thereapy excercises for my back, sleep well, and feel better than I have in years.  I am even beginning a new job this year in online high school teaching.

But I still "take my own inventory" daily.  "Am I slipping into the old pattern of thinking?"

"Forever keep you guard up," is the idea that I agree with from the other folks here. To the new folks I'll just say that the effort you are putting into your sobriety is well worth it.  You will be blessed with a joyful and rewarding life.
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Hello, Thought id chime in on the roll call , im 106 days clean and sober, i was on methadone for 8 years. Im doin well , life is great , so many new doors have opened up for me with my new life. Healthier life style. Its been great. Congrats to everyone on their time . God Bless.
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Congrats to everyone on their clean time!!  Just know each and everyone of you are important and worthwhile.  Keep up the good fight~
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Nice to see some familiar faces..
I used the support of this site 1926 days ago to help me get clean.  Still going strong.  Without these forums and private messeges here i would likely still be using.
Good luck to those struggling, and stay strong those who are on the other side.
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Feeling a little alone I stumbled across this.  Everyone who has commented has given so much of themselves.  I am humbled by your words, all the work you have done to get to here. I can't even begin to imagine. Thank you so much for sharing.  You never know who you are helping by sharing.  Bless you all.
As some one above said 1 or 100 days, it doesn't matter. I also loved this

HOPE = Hang on Pain Ends.

I knew I liked the word Hope for a reason.
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well i reckon i had seen this thread and sort of decided not to post on it ... but hells man, Dee convinced me!  i had also hoped to post on Day 69 ...   69!!!!!  but i dint make it so now its Day 70.  that's not as rife with meaning ... however, i will not look a gift horse in the mouth!  or something.  70 Days!!!!!  I am Meegy.  ♥
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