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Bridge of nose tingling after cocaine usage

Hi there, so I've been using cocaine on and off since the age of 17, I'm 28 now and have been using more frequently in the last 5 months or so, I woke up this morning with only what I can describe as my whole nose tingling, it doesn't hurt but the tingling is annoying, however I'm frightened that I may have damaged my nose, any advice would be appreciated, I don't want to go to my doc as it's a family doctor, thanks in advance
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You cant keep putting coke in your nose and expecting nothing to happen.  You are lucky that is all you feel right now.  If you continue it will get much worse and you will have to see a doctor.  That is a guarantee as noone is exempt.  I know a guy who can run a hankie thru the hole in his nose.  He has been clean for many years but his nose never healed back up the right way.  Have you given any thought to aftercare?
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