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Dealing with Pain without pain meds

I have been to detox and many, many therepy sessions, however, the pain that I carry with me daily in unberable.  I'm married with b12 and 15 yr. old boys, who are great!! However, I'm a busy mom but can't seem to get a grip on the pain meds.  I currently take 40 mg of Oxycontin and 10/350 of Percocet.  I have Fibromyalgia, herniated discs, bulging discs and a torn rotator cuff, as well as sever carpoal tunnel.  I'M ONLY 40 YRS OLD!!! and we are a very physically active family.  I know I sound like a complainer but I honestly don't know what else to do, I always run out of meds before my doc appt and it's causig a strain on my beautiful marriage.  HELP!!!

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There are many many off us that suffer with chronic daily pain . If you are running out early with your scripts and its starting to effect your marriage then its a problem.Many of us have had to find others ways to deal with our pain without narcotic pain meds .It takes time and the pain seems worse before it gets better but it does get better .You can either ct off the meds or taper depending what works better for you .Some people can not taper .  As you have said you have been to rehab and therpy so you know its importantance in getting and staying clean . Welcome to the forum .We are here to support you threw this .
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R u saying u r an addict?  do u take the pills to function?  How soon after refill do u run out?  40 mg of oxy and 1-10 mg of perc is what u r rx-ed?  but what do take daily in reality?  r u having wd-s every month waiting on ur refill?

I also have fibro/they say/to me that is a vague diagnosis...fusion c6/c5..will not have another..scoliosis with degenerative disc disease///3 discs are gone completely/bone on bone/..many bulging discs which is basically the same as herniated..ruptured is a bit more of a problem..but almost anyone over 40/often over 35/have a few bulging/herniated discs/but many do not experience pain.....as we grow older the spine compresses and discs protrude for most of the population..unfortunately some have pain/most do not

A torn rotator cuff can often be repaired surgically/there is no reason to live with this if it can be fixed..if the tear is significant/a dr usually encourages surgical repair

Thing is..pain is real/even tho an injury that causes pain for one may not for another...but in reality narcotics do not work directly on pain/only on the brains perception of pain..things like ice, heat, stretching, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers have a more direct way of relieving pain..for most after a while on narcs/they can actually cause pain...the brain will cause aches etc to obtain what it thinks it needs...we do not know our true level of pain untill off of narcs for several months/or more..narcotics were never meant to be used long term due to tolerence//tolerence grows and grows over time...an addict is both physically and mentally addicted to narcotics...a person who is not an addict but on narcotics long term will also have physical wds/but an addict will have both physical and mental wds...and for most the mental wd/the mental addiction is far harder to kick than the physical part

For me using became more painful than the pain they no longer really relieved...it is a choice..many chronic painers choose long term narcotic use...there is a pain forum here that is great...represented is 2 different views...they, on the pain forum, r ok with using pain meds for pain and for the most part they r probably not addicts from what I read///many here r also chronic painers..some recreational users and it was no longer recreational anymore//no fun anymore ... only a big pain in the neck//and often the pocket book as well

For me/worrying bout stretching my pills/and never managing to do so..was stress..and stress aggravates my pain...so my pain relief pills were causing me pain...hard to explain but perhaps u c my point..started feeling bad about myself/my soul/as well,,when the pills/any substance/causes problems in our lives..we do have to stop and evaluate the situation

Sounds as if u think the pills r causing u a problem...but that ur pain level will not permit u to stop?   If u r not an addict then u can move to a higher dose or a stronger drug....if u r an addict then this would be counterproductive as u would only be digging urself into a deeper hole..only u know these things....do u feel like u r an addict? or r u just physically dependent?  or do u just need more for pain relief?

keep posting
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yikes....got carried away with typing...u have been to therapy and detox many times?  so perhaps u r an addict..i would guess anyway...rule of thumb is an addict can not use again//ever//without self destructing...but u r using again?  from ur detox stays and therapy this point shoulda been made..addiction is not really curable..only workable....sorry for my long winded post...but u r probably well aware of everything i said..that is what i get for skim reading..sorry
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