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Detox off 15mg of Methadone at Home

I have been on Methadone since 2007. I started at 40mg and slowly tapered down to 15mg. I have been stuck at this level for about a year and want to be off of this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this at home and how long the effects of being on Methadone for almost 8 years will last.
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Hi  just wanted to check and see how your doing >?   did you jump yet or are you going to taper more  ??  let us know how your doing    Gnarly
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hello and welcome. congrats on your taper thus far.
go with the taper schedule the clinic is giving you.
5mgs per month in the lower numbers is good.
don't worry about what happens after that.
just keep going down. you are doing great.
are you getting counseling?
attending substance abuse support groups?
eat a clean diet, protein, veggies and fruit.
not too much caffeine, or sugars.
exercise is also very important.
keep the faith.
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Hi! I've only been a member since Feb this year.  But the lovely ppl on this site has helped me through every step of the way. They even check up on me from time to time to see how I am and this has got to be the best site I've ever stumbled upon!
I jumped at 5mgs on Feb after nearly 12 years. After 30 days I started feeling like I was 70% better, then it's a slow recovery from there. At least the restless legs, the anxiety and panic attacks and the body aches has subsided. My insomnia has slowly loosen it's grip on me too. I'm 67 days clean and if not for these caring people I don't know if I've made it this far.
I hope you can see this through to the end.... cos when all is said and done, u will find it was totally worth it, and the feeling of finally being free from these handcuffs is indescribable!
Good luck and god bless
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I wanted to say welcome and to also say I also think suboxone will be a big mistake.  You will be trading one for the other.  Follow the advice that Gnarly just gave you with the vitamins.  I detoxed of off suboxone Jan, 2014, of which it was a beast, but I did it.  I've heard that these detox's are quite similar so I would also suggest the following:
Foods high in protein - I used protein bars b/c my appetite was non-exsistant
L-Tyrosine - helps food to absorb more
Immodium A.D - not sure how the drug will come out of you but I was on toilet for 3 months, easy!
Good multi-vitamin - potassium - banana's, etc....
I also used Bee Pollen granuales and Gaba 750 (helped w/ neurotransmitters)
Time, time and more time!  Oh yeah, and time!  It took awhile, but I can tell you now, it has been over 15 months and it was the best decision I've ever made.  We are strong women down here.....you can do this!
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Hi...well we cant give taper advise on the forum  but it is best to be in the single digets ....this is a race one by the tortus not the hare...people dont realize just how strong this stuff is until they stop it...we have members that have jumped from as high as 120mg it ant pritty but it can be done....the real problem for me was the ''energy crash'' and the lack of sleep you just got to be able to get by on cat naps for a wile....a hot soak will help with most of the withdrawal symptoms  you may need to take several a day  the phyical detox last about 10 days to 2 weeks but it is the energy crash that lasts   I got to head to work I will check up on you after I get home................Gnarly
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I thought about going to a Suboxone Doctor but then I figured I'm just trading one bad thing for another. I have been at a Clinic but they aren't doing much good to decrease my dosage. They leave that choice up to me, but recommend if anyone who wants to decrease their dose to do it 5mg a month. Well... what's happends when I'm done with that 5mg..... I'm sure I will have DT's so what's the difference.
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Hi and welcome to the forum    I was on methadone for almost 7years at 150mg for most of that  methadone is a tuff detox jumping off at 15mg your going to feel it  this drug has a 36hr 1/2 life so it may be a few days for it to set in  as for recovery you have been on it a long time  the eauasion is time on it + dose and then your age ...we have had people recover as quick as 30 days but for most it is a 60 to 90 day grind  for me I detoxed at 47 so I had all 3 going agenst me it was around 90 days that things got better  if you can get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in one vitamin calcium magnesum and zinc  take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner in a few days this will cut down on the withdrawals you will feel  just know it is possible to detox off this drug we have a lot of members who have so keep  checking your post  keep posting for support it really helps to post often we can help......Gnarly
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