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Do I need to tapp already down from 30mg to 0?

I am on "Methadone Maintenance Program" . In Serbia.I am 20year old guy,who loves fun,communicative,and a really good person.I was on heroin for 3 years,since my 15th.I am on program,with a goal to tap-down to a 0 when i feel I need it. Program started only 1 month and 2 weeks ago,do you think i need start tapper off or to continue a little bit and wait to stabilize more as a person.
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coming off a 3 yr heroin habit you probably should be involved with aftercare of one sort or another......I dont knoe if they have N/A or A/A out by you if not find a good conslor who specializes in addiction...its the very way we think that needs to change in order to live drug free methadone by itself will cure nobody it will simply put your addiction on hold it is threw aftercare that you will build up a foundation so you can stand on your own 2 feet drug free someday it a goal worth working towards keep posting for support and read the posts you can learn a lot from this site good luck and have a merry Christmas......Gnarly
1502361 tn?1290540230
1502361 tn?1290540230
Now I am on 60mg of Methadone , and... I am still not "covered" ... I think i will go to 80mg now...
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Isn't that kinda going the wrong way of where you what to go??

I am not familar with methadone programs but Gnarly above along with a host of other's in here are..Maybe fill in some details of whats been going on with you for the past couple of months?..What you have been taking and how much?..That would help people in here better understand how to give you some advice...
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DUDE stop as quick as you can the longer you on it the harder it is to get off...and you have increased your dose from 30 to 60 and you will probably keep giong up where addicts my advice to you is start dropping it a painfully slow process and its going to take a few mo to do it
if your only on it a short timer your recovery will be much faster you dont want to wind up like i did and have it take months to come off and then be dope sick for another month.....get off it will you still can.....Good luck and God bless.......Gnarly
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